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Canadian Healthcare Relies on USA


"The Canadian healthcare system has used the United States as a safety net for years," said Michael Turner of the Cato Institute. "In fact, overall about one out of every seven Canadian physicians sends someone to the United States every year for treatment."

Mothers who need real care before having a baby go ... ...to the USA.

Canada's Expectant Moms Heading to U.S. to Deliver
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
By Sara Bonisteel

Mothers in British Columbia are having a baby boom, but it's the United States that has to deliver, and that has some proud Canadians blasting their highly touted government healthcare system.

"I'm a born-bred Canadian, as well as my daughter and son, and I'm ashamed," Jill Irvine told FOX News. Irvine's daughter, Carri Ash, is one of at least 40 mothers or their babies who've been airlifted from British Columbia to the U.S. this year because Canadian hospitals didn't have room for the preemies in their neonatal units."

When the rest of the world moans about how evil we are, show 'em an article like this.

God bless America and capitalism, the last and best hope for humanity!!


Does this mean that when Hillary takes over our healthcare we'll end up going to Mexico?


Thank you America for delivering Canadian babies. The service your hospitals render isn't free, but is top notch and cost effective. It helps us tremendously with our doctor and hospital bed shortage.

Thank you America for your seniors who arrive by the bus load to buy Canadian medications because they're cheaper than in the US. You stimulate our economy while saving your own money. Feel free to save by picking up more of our common allergy medicine at less then $1 per tab, no worries we sell the stuff over the counter here.

Thank you America for giving gainful employment to 1 out of 7 doctors and nurses trained in Canadian schools. This does create a bit of medical staff shortage here but it's all good and fair in the name of a free market economy.

Thank you America for supporting our economy through our partnership in the North American Free Trade Agreement. You are our largest trading partner and it's not just Oil, Gas and Marijuana that Canada exports. We've got the BlackBerry and stronger Beer too. Just last week I was able to purchase a Honda Pilot and save over $6,000. With the savings, I purchased some winter tires and diamonds for Mrs. TKO, hence stimulating the America economy; I heard it needs some help.

Special thanks to Headhunter for all of his well though out post, all 6126 of them. Seriously that's 4.2 posts per day and most are pure garbage. If he would spend half the time in the gym that he does on the internet he just might develop a physique like the one in his avatar. Patriotism is fine and dandy, but I think Headhunter may be counter patriotic just as his internet use is counter productive.
Please do America and rest of the Free World a favour and increase your productivity by doing some real honest work for a change instead of spewing hatred.

God bless us all, not just America



Apparently Canada needs bigger Hospitals. Or apparently we make a lot of mother have their kids on the streets, because it's obviously Canada's health care that fills up the maternity wards.


This would get my attention much more readily if you learned to spell, what a comma is, and the meaning of grammer. But I understand though --- I teach mathematics and my spelling and punctuation aren't the best either.

It may also help if you could point out in my post where exactly the 'spewing hatred' part might be. My thread is in praise of the free market in dealing with high-risk situations...and your response is about allergy tablets?

Maybe a course on logic and reasoning...


Oh, didn't you know? Praising one = trashing the other. Get with the times, d00d!


LOL!! Yeah, I forgot how libs think: praising one thing is an insult to everything else.

I remember reading about how a student at Harvard got into trouble for using the word 'individual' too much, in discussing individual rights. The prof marked her down saying that the she was using the word too much and just to piss off anyone reading. How fucking dumb is that!!


Oh wait, the "Eutopian" nation of Canada actually has problems? With how most Canadians boast about how great and superior their country is compared to the US, this comes as an actual surprise.

Canada: the most smug, narcissitic nation on earth.

By the way, Canadians by the boatload come down here for orthopedic care. I know because the ortho hospital I work at has it's own "Canadian" wing.


If you phrase it like "the last and best hope for mankind" (kind of redundant isn`t it, or "the most noble people on Earth" it does insult everyone else.

You guys get pissed when a flag hangs above yours.


For the last time, you Euros don't take pride in much of anything, much less your national symbol. That's why your cultures are dying and muslims are overpopulating and forcing you to change your laws to benefit them (shhhhh your governments still ignore it like it's a secret*shhhh*)
All ur base r belong to radial islam!!



Considering your bashing the guy for his spelling, this is irony at its very best.


I fully admit, as I say in the post, that I'm a math guy and will screw up once in a while.

We've had this conversation before: You are a student and wrote a paragraph so terribly that, in math class, I'd have called you on it. It WAS pretty pathetic.

No matter. All these things are a dying art anyway. Remember Orwell's 11th edition of the dictionary? (1984, just in case)


And all your base belong to hispanics.

How´s your Spanish?

I don`t think that national pride helped with your birth rates.



2+2=8 dumb.


Too much individual?

As an individual interested in individualism I don't know a single individual that would be offended by use of the world individual in every single individual instance where it could be used.

Do any of you individuals know any individuals who might get individually annoyed at an individual using an individual word an individually inordinate amount?

I didn't think so.

Assholes. Find something realistic to bitch about you morons.


You should use a synonym for "know" in the second sentence so it doesn't read as repetitive.


I think I can help. I think the Canadians need to take things less personally and we need to realize that we Americans are quite capable of screwing up our own healthcare;

The Cook County Board on Monday rebuffed efforts to more than triple the county sales tax - at least for now.
The increase, which would give Chicago the nation's highest sales tax, at 11%, was proposed and strongly advocated by board President Todd Stroger, who argued that it was needed to keep the county from imposing sharp cuts in service at the county hospital and throughout its network of health clinics.


A proposed increase in sales tax without a 2008 budget? Government work at it's finest. Funny how when the Medicaid money evaporated all the bloat and inefficiency is left barefaced;

[i]County Commissioner Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago), who unsuccessfully ran for board president last year and is widely viewed as a potential candidate again in 2010, said the extra Medicaid funds let the county continue to operate without becoming more efficient and businesslike.

Claypool said the funding "masked for many years the underlying dysfunction of the health-care system and the huge waste and bloat and patronage at the top of the system. And the incompetence in billings and collections."

"Once that revenue stream began to return to its normal levels, when the federal government began cutting it back, it exposed the underlying dysfunction," he added.[/i]


$40M in income that goes unbilled (not uncollected) annually! You know something's fucked up when a Democrat is talking about becoming "more efficient and businesslike".

Should I mention public transportation is in trouble too or is that another thread?


You're criticizing OUR birth rates? Our birth rates are through the fuckin' roof buddy! And sorry, Hispanics represent less than 20% of the total population here, and their birthrates alone aren't overtaking the others. European culture on the other hand, is LITERALLY DYING. Too snooty and refined and superior to have children anymore, your culture is crumbling to Muslims and Africans. You should visit Rome some time, there's hardly any Italians left there! I saw more Africans and Middle Easterners than I did Romans!!

YOUR birth rates are abysmal. Enjoy the Sharia Law future buddy!!



Why do so many Americans know shit about their own country?


Actually, I'd blame the mexican invasion for that one. 20 million undocumented folks will put a strain on any system.