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Canadian FUBAR

A buddy brought over a DVD last night titled FUBAR starring a couple of canadian headbangers. I can’t even begin to describe this movie, except to say that it was the funniest fucking thing I have seen in a while. I was wondering if anyone else had seen or heard of this movie. I think it is from a company name Xenon pictures.

fubar’s an instant classic for sure

“You said you’d get rip-roarin with us!”

But for even better stuff, hopefully you Yanks will be getting to see some more Trailer Park Boys in the near future.

Great movie! It was almost scary how much the main characters reminded me of some of the guys I knew in high school.


“Fubar” is pretty popular up here in Canada. I’ve seen people with "JUST GIVE “ER” stickers on their cars, etc.

Tron funkin blows