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Canadian Election


This is absolutely shocking another election?.....


care to give us some more information, or is this thread some kind of a joke I
dont get?


Waste of 300Mil. But maybe we will get rid of Harper.

But since there is only one party for right leaning voters, while the green, libs, and ndp split the left, we will likely spend 300mil and be back at a Harp minority.


Where you guys' from in Ontario?


south eastern.


Around London?


The tories were ahead by almost 19 points on Thursday...

I don't understand why Duceppe and Ignatieff weren't throwing themselves behind Harper's budget.

Another Harper minority incoming (surprise)!


I think the conservative could do the shadiest stuff and put the most populist ads on air and they will still be elected. Every week it seems there is a new scandal and they are still popular. It seems lies are not a big deal in todays society.

and for the ads I mean wtf.
''Michael Ignatieff and the liberal party want to raise taxes. IPODS are gonna cost more''
It seems they think we are nothing more than a bunch of dumb consumer. And maybe they are right.

On a side not 300M is 0,1% percent of the federal budget. People all over the world are getting put in prison or killed because they want democracy. If you think elections are too boring and a hassle then why dont you go live in those countries.


Democracy is gay.


$9 per person (34mill/300) seems like a steal compared to 2.2 billion and counting for that g8g20 meeting, or the billions being wasted on fighter jets. Democracy with such an apathetic population is simply the facade of corporate rule. Call me naive, but men died so we could be free, and we use that freedom to be ignorant consumers. pathetic.


Canadia = hot women and retarded everything else.


If I were an American I would not be so quick to use the R word about other nations.




We do what we want. And, even as bad as America is, Canada far surpassed us in the horrid progressive movement.


Firstly GTFO, we love our country, you're "free" to stay in your bi-polarized ideological mess of a country.

Secondly, our marginal tax rate is barely higher than yours, yet we provide a myriad of services that your country doesn't, yet you make that sound like a bad thing? Our financial priorities are different, but so is our culture.

People are just like corporations, they need investment to grow, and the lack of investment in people is (IMO) the reason for United States continued decline in the global stage. Don't look to corporations to act outside of they're own short-run interests.

Government is supposed to be "for the people" not the corporation.


Well said ^.


Before this dies or turns into a canuck/yankee fight; Who are you hoping wins? vote for? and Why?


And, for what it's worth(stats....), Canada is now more economically free than the U.S.

"The United States is the 8th freest economy in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. Its score is 2.7 points lower than last year, reflecting notable decreases in financial freedom, monetary freedom, and property rights. Economic freedom has declined in seven of the 10 categories measured in the Index. Overall, the U.S. suffered the largest decline in economic freedom among the worldâ??s 20 largest economies. The United States has fallen to 2nd place in the North America region, trailing Canada."


On a related note - I will be voting conservative only because there is no libertarian in my riding.


I don't know why you guys bother responding to these idiots.

This site is full of American trolls



So did you guys all vote yet?