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Canadian Eleciton Results


Results are in, made for an interesting few weeks


[quote]rehanb_bl wrote:
Results are in, made for an interesting few weeks[/quote]

What where the results?

Who won, the rightwing party/partys or the leftwing party/partys?


Majority for the right-wing
Opposition for the NPD (left wing)

Ended up with something like 165 conservation, 100 NPD, 33 liberals, 2-3Bloc Quebecois, 1 green

The west voted for conservative as usual

The vote was divided between NPD and liberal in some traditionally liberal (center) circonscription in Ontario, so the conservative sneaked in. NPD took a few but not much seat in ontario

The Bloc Quebecois (federal party for the independance of Quebec, left), who elected more the majority of the deputee of quebec for the last 20 years only elected 2or3 this election (on more than 100). MASSIVE unexpected win for the NPD in Quebec.

It’s a shame that we elected in majority a governement that doesn’t respect democracy. Hopefully they will disgust Quebec enough to provoque the election of the Partie Quebecois (provincial party for independence, left) and a referendum (for the independance of Quebec).