Canadian distributors

Does anyone know of some good online Canadian distributors of Biotest products besides renegadenutrition?

Try the-gym. They give free shipping if you buy 6 of the same product from Biotest.

supplementscanada…but they only have tribex and zma.

I have just ordered some Biotest products and other stuff from HeavyWeights which is located in Newfoundland. There is a link to their site from Ian Kings website.

Lifeandsport has free shipping over $100.00, I sometimes get my Biotest there if I only need a couple things and don’t feel like paying the duty on it from the states.


1>. I am not a renegade spy or anything but i think it’s good with their point reward system coming up everytime you purchase.
2>. I do not really like Heavy Weight… i order MD6 from them and never got it. I e-mailed them 5 times and never got any reply. Even more expensive than Renegade.
Renegade is cheaper than heavyweights with EXPRESS shipping as well (above 200). T2 is available from Renegade and i just ordered one from them.
3>. Just went to “the-gym” this morning. Anyone know what kind of shipping does this one have? No Surge yet
4>. Where are you guys? I am from Vancouver. I really like to get in touch with someone in Vancouver who’s a Biotest fan

I’m from Van and a fan of Biotest

I have had nothing but problems from Heavyweights, I will never order from them again. They still owe me products, that I have yet to receive, I have ordered from Supplements Canada and The Gym with no problems.

The question is, does anyone know if there is a Canadian place that might sell ANDROSOL? I very much doubt it, but you never know.
Also I tried going to the-gym but couldn’t find it? Can anyone be more specific?

Hey SubHuman,

Uhm, i don’t think there is Androsol distributor here in Canada since the regulation does not allow for steroid-related products to be sold to society. However, i heard that if you bought it for yourself for personal use… that’d be fine.

I hear you JON. The question is, would customs pick it up if I ordered from the US?
I’m in Ontario, dunno if that makes a difference.

SubHumAn, we BOTH know you’ve found a buddy who can ship you Androsol, right?

I am in Halifax and have ordered androsol once, but now of atleast three others orders by friends that have never had any problems clearing customs. One as recent as last week.

SubHuman, I ordered 2 Androsol and 2 nandrosol from BioTest and delivered just 1 day by FedEx to Vancouver. Well, the custom still charged me about $Cdn 20, but it’s fine with me. The stuff is hard to get. 6 bottles will last for long time and i got it just 1 day. So, there it is.
I think it depends on where you live… Vancouver is not really strict i think.

Yes Akicita, but I did some calculating and it’s going to end up costing me more with the double shipping charges!
But i’m still trying to find some CAnadian places. Actually some of these sites these people listed sell the same products for less money in CAD, that’s right no USD to CAD conversion.
But no Canadian place sell Androsol cuz of the F-Fuckden DA

Subhuman! What are these places that accept Canadian at par??? A miracle! Do tell.

rubberman, I was looking at a few places, and lifeandsport(just guess at the URL!!) sells almost all of Biotest’s stuff. Prices are (almost) the same as Biotest’s online store but in Canadian bucks. No two for one deal so it works out to almost the same per serving it appears. But you do save money because of the fact that there is no shipping charge( for >$100 purchases).

Sub, let me know–maybe I can help you out on just the Androsol, if you can find a Canadian outlet for the tamer stuff.


I just got a bottle of Androsol form Netrition last week. Arrived no problem. Dunno if it was because of their good labeling or the understaffed borders due to the summit in Quebec. Darko - where’d you order yours from?