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Canadian Customs?


I'm planning on ordering a stack of vinpocetine, DMAE, bacopa, and piracetam to my brother in New York so he can bring it over to Montreal, Canada for me. Does anyone know if he would run into any problems with the customs by doing so?



I get my stuff shipped to Washington (i live in BC) and go pick it up across the border because of the free shipping. Just yesterday i brought across 5 Metabolic Drive, 4 Grow!, 1 Creatine and 2 HOT-ROX with no problems, aside from the debit machine not working on the duty. Too bad they fixed it and i had to pay


  • DAME is a controlled substance.
  • Vinpocetine is OK..I have ordered and received it with no problems
  • Bacopa - No clue, look on Import Canada's lists
  • Piracetam is weird. You can own it but it has no RFID in Canada which means it's not possible to actually buy/sell it.


Canada used to be very laid back, not sure about now.


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I hope I can smuggle some DMAE in another bottle =) Um, how can I get my hands on oxiracetams? or any other racetam other than piracetam? I'm looking for a cheap/long lasting/side effect free racetam to add onto my DMAE + vinpocetine + piracetam stack.


I got Power Drive which contains DMAE, I think you'll be alright


ummm...dont declare it? lol


Just a tip: as soon as you mention that you bought supplements, you are gonna get searched. Not too deeply most of the time, but mention supps, and that's a given. Happens to me all the time.