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Canadian Cannons Question

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I have a question regarding this article and other similar type of “bodybuilding” routines.

You’ll notice that by the time we get to exercise “C” it prescribes 4 X 15 with a 313 tempo with 60 sec rest between sets.

Also notice that before we get to exercise “C”, we have to do “A” and “B” which are brutal.

My question is what actual % of your 1RM would you actually select for C?

The reason I ask is because I’ve heard hypertrophy training should be done in the 60%-100% of 1RM range. And for many people 60% of 1RM = about 20 reps WHEN THEY ARE FRESH.

By the time you get to “C” I could only assume that you’re using 40% of 1RM to complete the prescribed sets with the short rest intervals.

Does it matter that you’re using such a low percentage of your true 1RM, or should we readjust the 60-100% hypertrophy range according to our fatigued state?

The exercise that CT is having you do for C) is something I’ve never done, and is probably a movement that most people haven’t done either. As such, the load that you can use on it probably isn’t too great, especially since it’s a new movement using already EXHAUSTED muscles. Odds are whatever you could do 18 or 20 reps with fresh would be a good guess for the load you’d be able to handle at that point.

I guess you’ll just have to test it out. Evaluating strength levels is the fun part anyways!