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Canadian Bread and Milk

I just moved to Canada a week ago and can’t find any milk that actually tastes like milk and bread that doesn’t feel like cotton candy and has HFCS in it.

Where do you guys do your shopping up here? Some guy recommended I try “chinese milk” if I don’t like the bottled milk here, but I wasn’t sure if he was talking about soy milk or cow milk that gets imported from china (I don’t want to touch the former and have no idea where to find the latter).

The bread I can live without, but it was the most convenient way to get quality carbs and lots of fiber without having to lug around a pound of rice with me at all times.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

I am from CA and now live in BC; I haven’t noticed any difference between American milk and bread and Canadian milk and bread.

There are a lot of different varieties of bread though; go for multi-grain or at least whole wheat.


I should have clarified I moved from eastern Europe (more precisely Bulgaria). I haven’t traveled outside of Europe before, that’s why the staggering difference in taste came as such a shock.

I know taste is very subjective, even when talking about lack of taste. The bread however was “100% whole grain”, had a 5 dollar price tag on it and still had that cotton-candy feel to it and HFCS indicated as one of the ingredients.

I may be over reacting, but I worked my ass off to get to <10% BF after my last trip abroad. What I’d really like to know is if I should be looking for any particular brands of food, stores and/or farmer markets, avoid any foods (I haven’t seen any packaged goods without a nutrition facts label so that one gets ruled out I guess)?

There is a distinct taste difference from european foods and north american foods. The most notable difference I’ve noticed is in yogurt… and I’m from Serbia.

If you’re looking to eat clean, go to farmer’s markets for basically every kind of food you need. The pre-packaged foods are very processed and pretty unhealthy. I am currently moving away from those myself.

Do they have a Fortino’s near you?

I travel the the Czech Republic all the time and I find the opposite is true over there. I can’t drink the Coke because it isn’t sweet enough and tastes nasty. I only tried milk once and had to pass. I drink raw unpasteurized milk here and still found the european stuff was way to gamy for me.

Most of my experience with bread from the Czech Republic seemed to be a type of potato bread. Does Bulgaria share the same type of cuisine? You could find that stuff here, but of course I don’t think its conducive to low body fat.

LoL I’d stay away from anything with the word Chinese in the name.

You can try health food stores for organic milk if that’s what you’re used to.

Good bread is going to be really expensive, but you can find it at most grocery stores. Costco actually has the best deal.

@Shire: If there’s one, I haven’t found it.

@borrek: I honestly don’t know how regular coke tastes anymore, but I have to agree that the diet coke here is super-sweet, I can imagine why the one in Europe would taste like crap after it.

The milk differs from country to country (and from brand to brand), I know that from experience, but when you say gamy I’m left under the impression you tried some from the organic markets over there.

That would mean it came straight from the cow, no pasteurization, no nothing. What I’m talking about is bottled milk, sold in stores. Anything with a shelf life of 1 month at room temperature can’t taste gamy IMO.

About the bread - I should have clarified (again) that I’m talking about bread targeted at us fitness folk, not regular/national cuisine type of bread.

I’m talking about stuff with a GI lower than brown rice - I’ve never had trouble finding it before, granted it was under different brands in different countries. It’s hard to describe, but it looks like very stale cocoa bread and is chock-full of seeds.

@Thomas: Thanks for the heads up, I read about the tainted powdered milk too.
I’ll definetely try Costco. I tried health food stores, but all I got was a blank stare from a pencilneck in one of em and a never-ending repertoire about food quality from a cellulite-ridden chick in the other.

beatrice chocolate milk. if that does not taste good, i do not know what does

Here in western civilization, we take pride in fucking up the natural way of things. That bread is our baby; it may be ugly, but goddammit it’s ours and we loves it.