Canadian beer

I realize that we have a pretty good amount of Canadians posting on this board, so I thought I’d seek some advice from them. Down here in Texas, we have access to Labatts Blue, Moosehead, and Molson. Not a very wide selection, I know. Anyways, I have a friend from Canada who once brought me back some Labatts XXX. I really enjoyed it, and was wondering if anyone could suggest something else that I may be able to hunt down. My personal taste in beer runs along the lines of “If you can see through it, don’t drink it.” I normally kick back with a pint of Guiness. Oh, umm, yeah, this is for those cheat days which I have strategically placed into my strict diet!!

Hey Paul,
If you get the chance Waterloo Dark, it’s a micro brewery (tend to be the best) beverage but yummy. If you can go for a Red that you can see through try, Rickard’s Red, it’s good too. If I knew how to send them safely I’d send you a bottle of each tomorrow.

Just when I’m missing Canada really bad, you have to go and rub it in by mentioning Rickard’s Red!!! mmmmmmm (a la Homer Simpson) Seriously though, good choice. Also, try Wellington Brewery’s Honey Brown (another microbrewery). Good beer

How`s that for percentage?

LOL. Anybody seen a bigger percentage of alcohol for a beer (any part of the world accepted)???

(For those who cannot access the site, the percentage is 11%).

All of Unibroue’s beers are excellent. Quebecer’s know how to party and they know beer

Well, I have to weigh in on this. Having lived in Canada for 98% of my life, and San Antonio for the rest, I’ve got to say that Moosehead was my salvation down there. Every friday after plastic surgery rounds, off we’d go to the bar nearest to Bexar County Trauma Center in S.A. IF I ever wanted something stronger, the black and tan came in handy. Or just Guiness.

If you can get your hands on some Alberta microbrewery stuff, you’ll love it. Or, come up here and meet the Vixens, and it’ll be on me. (the beer, not the ladies. That’s strictly up to them).
Having said that, I’ve got to say that Maudite is the LSD of beers for me. Hooooboy. Quebec knows how to party. And smoke. But that’s another story.

In closing, I’d be lying if I said I had clothes on right now.

Canadian beer is great especially when you combine it with skiing at Whistler.

Had a German beer many years ago that was billed as the world’s strongest, cant’t remember the name but it was over 10%.

I agree on the unibroue. Good stuff. They have several of their beers at the local whole foods.

Unibroue beers are ale on lees, and are all very good. Some of the best that Canada has to offer. As far as alcohol percentage, there are several beers that destroy the above mentioned 11% mark. Sam Adams Utopia is around 20% (strongest in the world at the moment), their Triple Bock is 17%, and Samichlaus (from Austria) is 14%. There are others as well, but that answers the question I guess.

McAulsan makes some damn fine beers, from their extra blond to the cream ale to the oatmeal stout. Steam Whistle is pretty good, for a lager, and Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale is pretty good too, if you ignore the “imported from Nova Scotia” garbage. How do you import something domestically?

As far as strong beers go, Fin de Monde and Maudite are pretty bad ass…around 13.5% I think.

Sully26: 20% ? Should we call this the REAL King of Beers (I believe a company already uses the King of Beer title)? LOL. Just went to see a website where Utopia is sold…whoah…(beer lovers, keep this as a fantasy)… 99$ (US) for a 750 ml bottle.

Found it at

Thanks for the info!

Dan-Yes, the original Budweiser (sold as Czechvar in the U.S. due to trademark issues) is from the Czech Republic. Budweiser originally meant any beer brewed in Budweis (the German name for the Czech town of Budejovice). The slogan of the original beer was “The Beer of Kings”. The name Budweiser was taken from this beer, and the slogan was “cleverly” switched around. Of course, the American rip off is an absolute joke comapared to the REAL one. The companies are obviously not affiliated.

Survey says,
Seems Like micros are the way to go. Wonder if that is the same in the states? I do have a couple of friends who swear if you are ever in the Dominican you have to try the beer “Presidente” NOT to be confused with the liquor, the label says no less than 11%. If I remember correctly they import the hops from Sweden and The spring water from the mountains of Chile.
I would like to experience “un peu joie de vie avec biere du Quebequois.” Sorry if I’m off, it’s only been 14 years since my last french lesson.
I was only listing non light/ pale/ blonde/ regular beverages, Sleemans out of Guelph Ont. has some good ones too, esp. their Cream Ale.
I’ll bet an Alberta micro on the slopes of Banff would be pretty sweet too.

Now THIS is a really cool off topic thread.

I’m a Guinness man myself, but I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like. Or drink. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to some great places that have really good beer, and I’ve enjoyed each of them. I was in Munich for a couple weeks, and had several different Weiss beers, and Pils, all of them were really good. I’ve also been to “The Gates Of Heaven”, St. James Gate in Dublin. Man that was something.

Regarding Canadian beers, I personally prefer the micros, but I don’t turn much down. After a baseball game on a sweltering Saturday, even a cold Coors Light is welcome. I’m no malted libation elitest.

Yeah, good micros are always a lot of fun to discover. While in college, some of my buddies bought a home-brewery kit and produced a few batches of really nasty swill. On a side note, I’ve been looking into making mead. Anyone out there with some tips. As far as alcohol content in the beer goes, that’s really not an issue with me. If I’m looking for something strong, I do the 40 proof curls.

Well, micros can be good, but can also suck. Beer can be brewed in small batches and still be shitty. Likewise, beer can be produced in large quantities and be awesome. There is no hard and fast rule. Even adherance to the Reinheitsgebot does not ensure an awesome brew (i.e. Heineken). In America however, as a general rule, micros take more pride in their quality than the terrible excuses for beer on the mass market.
I’ve been meaning to start a thread about favorite beers, but never did. Mostly because my list would be waaaaaay to long. And I’m one lazy SOB

Moosehead and Alexander Keiths

Yes, Canadian beers are the best.

Get some LGD, Labatt Genuine Draft. It is very very good for it’s price! And Guiness is great too. If your wondering why a 16 yr old like me knows so much about beer, hell 11 year olds tear it up up north haha

Canadian beers are the best??? Um, I am assuming you have never been to Belgium, Germany, or Britain??? No contest.

Am I missing something…an incredible talk about beer and NO PATRICIA, KARMA???
Well Tim I’m with you, Guinness but only two maybe three…definitely tastes great and IS filling. Also like you I really haven’t met a beer I didn’t like…unless served in a cheapo plastic cup.
Hey Sully26, A cool place to workout when you really want to defeat the purpose of working out (esp. if it is during the World Cup). Popeyes In Kitchener, Ontario, sits right next door to the Schwabben club. Can’t get much more German, than where the largest bavarian festival is held outside of Germany, and the tower is BLACK.
By the way I am typing this ridding the world of one more Rickards Red in a frosted mug. Oh Yah.