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Canadian 2019 Federal Election

Follow results here, if you care, I realize only a sliver of people here are actually Canadian:

This election has the incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (realize that while yes he is the son of former PM Pierre Trudeau, he did not inherit the office sort of like Bashar Al-Assad did in Syria) fighting for his political future against his greatest challenger in Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The New Democratic Party, the Green Party, The Peoples’ Party of Canada don’t have a chance, but with some notable scandals in Trudeau’s first mandate some think the Social Democratic NDP might be offered the chance at a coalition if Scheer wins a minority in Parliament, but more than anyone else.

The Bloc Quebecois is only running in the French speaking province of Quebec. It takes an extended history lesson to really do it justice, but basically in 1759 English forces defeated the French there and took it as a Conquest. The Quebecers were allowed to maintain their language and Catholicism in exchange for loyalty to the King. the English knew they could get restive and make continuing to contain them difficult, so they made a deal. In later years Quebec was invited to be part of Canada. The Bloc is strictly Quebec and is aiming for seccession into a separate country.

Trudeau is a competitive boxer and former drama teacher, but has at times not seemed strong on the world stage, his Foreign Minister in Chrystia Freeland mitigates things a bit. He has been ridiculously scandalized with helping a construction engineering firm get out of criminal penalties for peddling influence with other governments. His original Justice MInister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, was originally touted as a female First Nations person in cabinet. When she wouldn’t bend to pressure from Trudeau to sweep it under the rug, she was expelled from caucus and is now running against the Liberals as an independent.

More recently, Several pictures have surfaced from Trudeau’s younger life in which he appears in costume including black face. I myself doubt he is running off to a cross burning anytime soon, but it looks tacky.

Scheer for his part is running against the carbon tax. He can’t deny climate change, that’s the thing.

Just looking now at my lfpress.com source, the forecast is a Liberal government.

Still, western Canada has their polls close in a different time zone, and the Conservatives are sure to pick up numerous seats.

Edit: I actually found out their polls close at about the same time as the east.

Voted Liberal. I really don’t care for any of the federal leaders but it came down to anybody but Scheer for me and I didn’t want to split my vote, effectively “wasting” it.

It says something about how bad and unelectable Scheer was when he couldn’t even manage a minority against JT, given the scandals that have come out around Trudeau in 2019.

I wouldn’t be as harsh with Scheer, he did win the popular vote. It is just that we have first past the post, vaguely like the electoral college in the US in which Trump had fewer votes. His image wasn’t there I thilnk. I remember just the other day an ad with him looking like he was pursing his lips and holding up his hand with two fingers together. It looked so doltish, if that makes any sense, the spell corrector didn’t get me.

Jody Wilson-Raybould got the only independent seat, she might haunt Trudeau through this next parliament.

Next is the future of this thread. I didn’t think it through. I suppose it can serve as the “Trudeau, the second term” thread, if enough people keep it going.

Appears we will need 4 more years to educate certain areas of Canada that Trudeau is a poor choice.

Trump just said that Canada is ‘well served’. I wonder if that means Trump can serve himself, and Trudeau will be a stooge.

I don’t think it’s fair to look at a popular vote in a system with more than two parties (like our neighbours to the south). If you look at it as “left leaning votes” (libs, ndp, green) vs “right leaning votes” (cons, ppc) then the majority of votes went to the left. They just have more parties to divide them among.

I’m not totally sure where to place the Bloc, but I believe they’d go left. To be honest I’m not sure why they’re even a federal party when they don’t run candidates outside of Quebec as far as I know.

Scheer and the cons dominated Alberta and Saskatchewan which skews things a bit. As far as I’m concerned Scheer is an unelectable dolt and I, for one, am happy to see we kept something as socially regressive as him out of office- even if he wouldn’t actually be able to table and pass any of his social views. Just on principle. The CPC need to ditch the social conservatives from their party and stick to a socially progressive, fiscally conservative platform. Focus on more than just pandering to Alberta and Saskatchewan. The environment, for example, is way too important a topic for them to come up with a platform as laughable as theirs in regards to the issue and expect victory.

Will add that Scheer ran a terrible campaign despite what he said in his speech last night. Focusing on smearing Trudeau because they didn’t have the economy to attack, not revealing their platform until after the debates so they couldn’t be contested, trying to sweep the dual citizenship under the rug, etc. People can call Trudeau a liar, dishonest, etc but I see no reason to think Scheer is any different.