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Canada's Strongest Man Stack

this is going to be a log I will update every so often once cycle starts. Im sort of torn between Test Decca Dbol, or Test Eq Anadrol, either of those stacks alongside proviron ed, igf1 and slin 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and the oral will also be 2 weeks on 2 off timed with my training cycle of 65 to 95% over 4 weeks. obviously the 2 weeks I will add the orals slin and igf1 will be the heavy weeks and pre comp.

I am leaning more towards test eq anadrol because I saw much less undesirable side effects, such as elevated BP and much less ravenous sex drive. im all for the increase in sex drive, but not to the point where it affects my concentration on a daily basis.

At any rate, my lifts are comparable to those who train in my city and competw in the IPF, or a bit better on average, but when im on, its a whole new ballgame. either way cycle begins in 2 months. first comp of the year is GPC nationals and assorted strongman shows around canada. The goal is to qualify for the Arnold In 2015, so im not just a gym rat who wants abs. im a weatherbeaten lifter and im looking to win. I will post current max’s pre cycle, and detail my cycle as it goes.

Also considering switching compounds part way through the season as this cycle will be about 6 months long with one cruise mid season. Esters will be important to choose wisely as it is near impossible to do a proper 6 week cruise when your using lonv esters that take a month to clear. That being said, im open to suggestions and welcome critisizem

I’m looking forward to it.

Hell yeah! Humalog or Humalin? How about some doses? Do you use an AI or SERM?

Humalog with timed and controlled carbs / carb cyclic diet. probably 10 IU each use

I like to begin the season at moderate doses. usually 400 test, 300 eq. Decca usually good at 300 mg a week for me, i have tried 600 but it made ni difference except worse sides. Anadrol uaually 75 mg and dbol usually 40 mg. as I said it depends on the time of season, the biggest show of the year I usually go 800 test, and for an AI, if im on the low doses I like 12.5 mg of aromasin eod before bed.

for IGF1 it will be bilateral 40 mcg total only post training and only on training days 2 weeks on 2 off with the orals also cycled in sync with my trainig. 2 weeks leading up to a comp or show, I will do timed nutrition and igf1 slin wuth orals for a solid 2 weeks. more isnt always better, that is a good thing to remember

this is a long due update, it’s late and I don’t feel like typing a novel, so I’m going to use my voice command and hopefully it all turns out well

the plan was to run test, deca, Eq, insulin, Proviron , and dbol. so far the insulin is kind of difficult to run seeing as I have run out of all the supplements I need to do my time shakes with. So lately I have been going without it really doesn’t make that big of a difference.

so far I’ve up the test to about a gram a week, I’ve been told to drop the Eq so I did, I just started running the I proviron at 50 milligrams a day. The the dbol I am running about 40 milligrams a day on off days when I’m not on the rig and on training these are we from the rigI run about 80 mg pre training, none for out in the rig ( 2 wks on 2 off) Decca is about 300 milligrams a week still. And I hate voice command

anyways, the lifts are coming along quite well. I’m making a video blog this season which should prove to be entertaining and interesting. The stack I’m running turned out to be a lot simpler than I had planned but sometimes simple is better. My deadlift recently has gone from In the off season 500 for a double to a 585 x 5 raw. my knee has been giving me some serious f****** grief. Squatting doesn’t really occur other than a rehab style squatting with band tension around the knee either pulling in or pullingbout while squatting 135. My squat should be in the 500 for reps range but my knee is simply far too damaged to risk any further grief. i have a physically demanding labor job that I need to keep if I won this season to finish properly. squatting aside my lifts have been going great. I’m now repping out the 150 pound dumbbell 1 arm over head for triples, getting 265 x 6 push press, 300 lb log, benching 385, rowing 315 x 8 pendelay style, trap bar deadlifted a supposed 720 (I don’t think it felt that heavy) stones are going an easy 350 for doubles to a 48 inch platform, rack walk is up to 770 lbs for 40 ft, 310 a hand farmers for 40 ft, and 800 lb tire for sets of 8 no problem. the main issues I’m running into severe tendonitis in my elbows and my right knee being a piece of s*** . Seeing that I’m competing in the 230 pound class in Canada, I don’t really think there’s a lot I have to worry about. All I have to do is make sure I can hit the numbers I’ve been hitting for longer distances, and in 3 months I think that’s an easy mark to hit.

the main focus out on the rig is to try n not over training. At home it is to train heavy and get enough physical therapy to keep from falling apart before the big day comes. right now I’m averaging 240 pounds body weight in the cut is not going to be that difficult.

if my finance situation really clears up I’m going to focus on getting physical therapy done, and adding in some peptides and or growth hormone to help my body keep up with the impossible load I’m putting on it through all this physical labor and hard training.

it’s kind of interesting how all off season, a fella is rearin to go, but now when I’m completely worn out physically, I almost can’t wait for the offseason to come again haha.

there should be some pretty big improvements between now and Canada Strongest Man. and a few small competitions in between should be a good chance to test my skills. Until next time, do not f****** give up no matter how s***** anything gets. If you give up you are the piece of s*** go down fighting

who told you to drop the EQ and why?

Top atlantic jr bodybuilder is sort of helping me a bit with my cycle, he said that their is simply no need for it. As did my mentor, so I thought after hearing it from 2 people I highly respect, I should probably listen.

My accupunctureist reccomended I get on GH as soon as possible, so if my finances come around I will be getting some from the oly lifters in our community here along with some cjc1295 and ipam. Insulin will stay out until I can restock my suppliment cupboard with everything I need to be using it properly, and ut goes better with growth anyways. if yiu’re ginna do it at all, do all of it I suppose

So I hit the first meet of my season after knee rehab. Hit a conservitave 512 squat (garbage) a 370 bench (also not good) and a 705 dl in the 242 raw class. I am happy with the deadlift amd thats all I had other than the knee being better and the deadlift to celebrate

Drugs were 800 test 600 decca, 100 mg anadrol 2 weeks leading up to meet, 20 mg of halo 5 days leading up to meet, and about 60 mg day of. taken through the meet.

Drugs are switching up for CSM, I’ve been in test decca for too long so it’ll be 400 test, 1000 tren the tren being 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, and I will probably use dbol with the tren and cjc1295 with ipam 2 with the tren and dbol, annnnd insulin on select training days post workout. I might even drop the test to 250, not sure yet.

Eq also going in from now till next season at 300 mg nomatter the cruse or blast, helps with my joints a lot. Anyway strongman tr8ani g ia going well, did a runthrough of CSM events amd they are shaping up. going to do 1 light speed week amd 1 heavy runthrough with rehab and powerlifting days / conditioning in between. I’ll poat some numbers and bullshit on my days off from the rig. it sucks training while riggin but its gotta be done. And really, in all honesty, the deadlift is the only powerlifting lift that really makes a huge impact on my ability to carry heavy objects amd load stones ect. the rest is technique and grip. Gotta get some good impliment time in