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Canada's Grand Canyon

From the Parks BC site: “Existing in the Stikine River Provincial Park is a geological feature unparalleled in Canada. Eighty kilometres of steep-walled canyon, composed of sedimentary and volcanic rock, has been carved through eons of river erosion. In the bottom of this sometimes 300 m deep chasm flows the wild and unnavigable Stikine River, which varies in width from 200 m to as little as 2 m at a point near the Tanzilla and Stikine confluence.” The Grand Canyon is supposedly the Mt Everest of white-water rafting or kayaking. It’s only been done 11 times since 1985. How bout that. I think the Stikine is one of those “mighty rivers of British Columbia” that Michael Palin mentioned before singing the lumberjack song.

Here’s another site with some more good pics & info