Canada's First Battling Ropes Certification

Take this unique opportunity to became Canada’s first certified Battling ropes trainers under John Brookfield, inventor of the system. The 2 day course will cover all aspects of the emerging fitness tool voted BEST new cardio tool of 2009. Increase your client base and set yourself apart by signing up today!
Check out: BATTLING ROPES - Alberta Certification - September 11 & 12, 2010
For further information. Registration is due Wednesday, August 25th!!!
See you there!!!

How the hell can you possibly tlak about battling ropes for two days?

Seems like a good tool, but ^ .

Also: seems like a very good tool for making money. The new Kettlebell?

Haha you know what man? I thought the exact same thing. But Brookfield is a super knowledgeable guy, his client list is extremely impressive (National wrestling team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Ingrid Marcum) the list goes on. So I’m betting money ($640 CAD to be exact) that he is going to have a LOT of valuable training info. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Oh jesus. For that much, I hope so my man. Hope you’re not gettin fucked.

By the way- saw your starting strongman thing, very fuckin cool

Yeah me too flip! Cheeky thing is there’s 6 of us signed up and he’s saying he won’t come unless we have 12! After expenses even with only 6 people he would still clear $2,000 at least for a weekend! Oh well, hopefully it goes well.

Thanks man! Yeah it was a ton of fun training for that, gonna focus this whole year on strongman and compete in Alberta’s strongest man next year!