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Canada vs China

"The new tariff that the government of the United States imposed on Canadian lumber [and the closing of borders to Canadian beef etc] are “staged events” produced by mega-corporations to switch Canada and USA from economic dependence on each other to dependence on China.

China will become our new market and we’ll become theirs. On COSCO ships (China Oceans Shipping Company) we’ll export our resources and buy them back manufactured into every conceivable commodity. There will be no high paying jobs for North Americans. The work force will be slave-labourers in China, creating maximum-profits for shareholders."


The process continues…

Just another example of the Bush regime?s continuous disregard for our environment in a vain attempt to keep the economy temporarily propped up in order to try to keep the American public from fully realizing what they have done to our country. The regime has already opened up our national forests to more lumber production, tried to dissolve the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, open up the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge to exploration, and refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol? now they want to temporarily prop up the US timber industry through higher lumber prices.

Thankfully, since NAFTA has been signed and ratified it stands as an ultimate law of the land ? on the same legal level as the constitution and these tariffs will never stand.

(Wow… usually not so suspicious of the gov.)

Staged events my ass. It’s called protectionism.

Look it up. It’s kind of counter to the concept of market forces, which most republicans pretend to support until lobbyists get to them.