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Canada Orders & Custom Fees?


Hi, my question is for those of you in Canada, who already ordered some products from T-Nation : Were you charged for extra customs fees each time you received your package?

If not, do you have any tips in order to limitate those extra (non-justified) custom fees?

Any input would be appreciated on this.




Yes, I was charged custom/duties.


Care to say more? What did you order, cause I think whey is more expensive, it being a milk product, and how much did it cost?


I was as well, it came to about 50 dollars on a 100 dollar order, this is on top of the shipping fees too.


same here
20us$ and 19can$ for a 97us$ order.

Try ordering large quantities to save
on shipping.


Mines usually about an extra 16$ to get it through customs. The last time I ordered Surge and ZMA.


oh...so it seems that we cannot get rid of it in any ways?

I planned to order for somewhere between $250-$300 (I need some stuff for a MAG-10 cycle) But man if I am charged 150$ for duty fees...that is just crazy!


grimskunk seriously you can expect a big surprise

I ordered from elitefts and for a 14$ order they charges me 20$
and a friend of mine send me something ( a gift ) he declared a 20$ value so they charge me 23$ for my gift!

it's from ups though ups have insane brokerage fees.


Here is a solution or two that MAY work out cheaper for you. Log on to www.SNDCanada.com. This is a Canadian based distributor of supliments and they carry Biotest products.

Grow! goes for $49.99 CDN which is a lot higher than T-Nation, but there appears to be free shipping, and no import duties. They also have a store in downtown Toronto (those prices may be slightly higher). Ottway's downtown store is also carring some products, though I don't know which one at this point. And there are probably others.


Humm...ok so its looks like it confirms what I thought about those extra fees. They looks like being charged more frequently (or always) when shipped by FEDEX or UPS...because I never paid any customs fees with USPS...compared to FEDEX...


I've always been alright with usps
but been screwed many times with ups


Thx Brian.