Canada-legal EC stack

Tell me what you think of the dosages so far. I’ll be taking it 6 days a week, once or twice a day, depending on cardio.

Ok, here’s what I put together so far, I’ll be adding Forskolin also. Please tell me what you think:

*ephedrine (chemical) - 24mg
*caffeine (chemical) - 200mg
*green tea extract (polyphenols) - 600mg
*Alpha Lipoic Acid - 200mg
*guggulsterones - 12.5mg

Most literature that I have read on E/C stacks say to take each dose 3 times per day. You might want to ramp up gradually over a week or 2 week period depending on how your body reacts to the E. I think to get the true thermogenic effects and maximum benefits of this combo that you do need to take it 3 times per day.

I’ve read somewhere on the forum that taking EC stacks is mostly useless unless you’re doing exercise while “on”. What I do is, I take the stack once a day if I only do weight training/cardio, twice if I do weight training AND cardio, or twice again if I do cardio twice a day. Supposedly the true effect of the stack is only released if you do some sort of exercise. More info from someone knowledgeable would be appreciated. I don’t want to take the stack 3 times a day unless it’s truly necessary, as I feel this would make me slightly mentally addicted to the stimulating effects.