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Canada Invades Denmark!


Why shoud the US have all the fun? We want to invade someone too!

We've decided to put our foot down and claim land that's properly ours.



way to go.


This is just the beginning.

I've known Canada had a plan for world domination for years.



Yeah, lay low for like 200 years then attack Denmark. Knowone would ever see that coming. Greratest military cue in history.


actually it was denmark that invaded canada, around a year ago. and we've finally gotten the balls to do something about it :slight_smile:


Good luck. Kick them cocky Danes out on their ass.


I know when I play Risk the first country I try to get is Denmark. It's the latch key to Europe.


If you go to war with Denmark, it'll blow a big-ass hole in the "democracies don't fight democracies" rule.

And it'll be really funny.


I love Canada! Mainly because of Avril, Shania, and Alanis.

Sorry about the Hijack.

I hope you get your land back.


I'm flabergasted.


Where are you guys going to put all of the Danes after you kick their butts? And what are you going to do with Denmark after you get it? Trade up?


I don't know if we'll go to all-out war with Denmark. The disputed territory is a barren rock about the size of a football field. Canada might not have enough troops to hold it all.


I would consider being a mercenary in a Canadian war with Denmark.


Let's take a page out of the book: "How to Be an Ally" by Canada.



Yeah, just consider this a wargame. However, you wouldn't believe who lead the charge personally!

No, not the Prime Minister, but holy shit, it was our Defence Minister, Bill Graham himself that took the dangerous mission to plant the flag.

No chicken shit cowards in our administration. No sir. I'm almost shamed into signing up.

Today Denmark, tomorrow Europe! Look out world, you won't even know we're attacking, since we'll be saying "excuse me", "pardon me" and "sorry about that" all the while.



I agree with you. I feel sorry for the Canadians with some courage (JPBear), however I have to root for the DANES!!!!

When the spaniards turned communist, the Danes offered to increase their troop committment to Iraq.

That is a true ally.

No little "Hi, I'm canada, I'm having a quebecois moment. I cannot by nature do the right thing. I have no Testosterone. We must have a temper tantrum because we are small and weak."

I hope the Danes go on to conquer quebecois. It won't take them but one guy named, Jjorn. All he has to do is demand their surrender and the pseudo-french would flee. Good luck trying to get into the U.S. I'll post Bob the Sears Maintenance guy at the Northern border. He'll say, "No entry." Then he will point to the right.

All of the quebecois would flee into the North Atlantic and drown like rats.




NHL back in business, AND THEN the wacky Canucks get a little attitude?


On a serious note why didn't the Molson men try to understand the Danes? Where is Koffi when we need him?


Jack, good point!

You clearly have a handle on the Canadian psyche.

If a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup this year, watch out for border closings and heavier investment in the military.

Slingshots for everyone!!!


Actually, if you go to the southermost extremity of Quebec and then right, avoiding entry into the U.S. you'll end up in New Brunswick.

What is it with Americans and map reading? :slightly_smiling:


I am waiting to be deployed to the artic.