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Canada Immigration


Hi, Any tips on how I can increase my chances of immigrating to Canada?


Pour maple syrup all over your body and drink 3-4 Labatts.

Then just act polite.

You can waltz around anywhere. They'll just assume you belong.


Doesn't matter, they bring in anyone.


Speak French? Get a work visa? There are plenty of job opportunities in Montreal, many of them require the ability to speak French though.


Canadian here, apologize for everything. Someone bumps into you, you're still sorry and that's okay because they're equally as sorry. Jokes aside, speaking English fluently of course helps, if you can tag on French that's huge. If you have post secondary education that's a big plus.
Here's a link to the website, lets you answer questions to see your eligibility.



Serious question: Why does this forum, regardless of the name, seem the appropriate place to ask these types of questions? I mean obviously you're somewhat internet-literate or else you probably wouldn't have stumbled upon our corner of the internet - why didn't you/couldn't you answer this yourself through the various search engines?

That question isn't necessarily relegated to OP but a general question. It just seems an odd place (the fucking Off Topic forum on a body building website) to consistently get these types of questions. I'm not necessarily saying they shouldn't be asked here, I just think it's interesting the volume of these questions given the place.


You must also be able to ice skate. This is non-negotiable.


Be a fabulous Syrian immigrant with a lisp.


This forum is well-moderated so we don't see it, but the same thing happens on other forums I frequent as well. A couple days later, the OP comes back and edits their post with a link to an online pharmacy selling boner pills or some other crap. So now, when someone else googles "canada immigration", this thread pops up in the results as well as the link for Indian boner pills.

It's a clever, but tired, ruse.


Interesting - so, like, do you have a link for these boner pills? It's not for me, it's for a friend...


Maple leaves are also useful as ID. Just slip one (politely) to the border guard and wink, and he or she will let you go by.