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Canada Bans Everything Except for Ice and Polar Bears




Just to clarify - It is banned for broadcast(on the radio), this doesn't mean in can't be sold on CD etc.

It is still total bullshit though and is exactly why radio needs to be privatized.

Does anyone know how this works for satellite radio ? If this ban includes satellite I would be even more pissed off. For that matter- In general does the CRTC have any control over sat radio? How about in the U.S?


It got banned based on a single complaint? Must be more to the story than that. Hell, I was deeply offended when Vanilla Ice hit the airwaves, but that shit kept playing on.


Listening to the news is the greatest though. They'll be talking about it and segway into the song by saying "...because of this..." then they play the song. Song clip ends "It's the word fffffffagot."

I don't think I've heard the word faggot used on tv ever. 156 times in the last hour.


I guess it's still OK to play songs with the N word in it because that one black guy that flew over Canada once didn't mind.


Americans this might be coming to the US, not to ban Music but to ban opinions.


not in my America, motherfucker.


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I've had Sirius for years now, and the CRTC can't touch it.
I really don't know why anyone would bother regular radio, its just a buttload of commercials anyways.


Good thing they didn't play something like GnR's One in a million. Heads would explode from the massive dose of offense taken.


over reaction


that's just the problem, apparently a lil wayne song is not offensive at all whereas a time tied phrase (which wasn't even related to it's meaning today) about what someone said is now unfit for the public to hear?
no wonder this place is going down the crapper


I think faggot has meant gay for a long time.


I think if we (Canadians) are content with words like fuck and cunt being banned from the public airwaves I see no issue with faggot being on the list too. It seems a little bit late (lol) but it isn't really unreasonable considering. (I think you can't say fuck or cunt but I might be wrong, since you can say fuck on Canadian TV)


Clearly not, what about the other songs that play over the radio with way more offensive language? This place is starting to annoy the fuck out of me, sorry I meant the frick out of me (wa wa wa)


It can no longer be played in its original form. So I assume that to mean it can still be played, but with the offensive word "bleeped" out. No different from other words deemed "offensive" by public opinion (Songs played on the radio these days tend to be pretty heavily edited, depending on the artist & genre). Not a big deal.

Great song though.


This video sums it up perfectly;


What's more offensive that's aired? I can only think of a couple of words that are as offensive and I don't know that they get aired. (I don't actually know so examples would be nice) Offensiveness is highly subjective however.

The issue is amusing because it's such an old song but it's not worth getting bent out of shape over.


I find kiddy bands and YouTube sensations highly offensive. I think I will write to the CRTC and complain, maybe they will ban then all.


yeah what's up with that? After 10, you get full frontal hot dog and major profanity on the CBC. Earlier, if it is considered a "Canadian content art film". Quebec City offers free porn in every hotel room after 10 too. That the CRTC has a problem with the word faggot on the radio is hilarious in light of what we get on TV. Also if Dire Straits were a Canadian band, they could sing about the butt-sexs sans lube and they would have full radio rotation, based on the "Canadian content" laws.