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Canada Asks Drug Makers to Stop Marketing Opioids


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Why would they want people to have access to free education?


Yeah. I had a good time with it. Wasn’t a dyed in the wool traveling Deadhead, but good time none the less.

My funniest dead story is more an observation. The shop I worked in was high stress, tight deadline, complicated product, etc. The owner would usually stay in the office, and when he did come back to the shop it wasn’t good. Then I noticed that when we put the Dead on the sat. radio, he’d come back and hang out, we’d laugh, have fun and get a ton of work done. So, when we had a big project and everybody was getting too much tightness in their chests, I’d put the Dead on. Every time, within a few minutes he’d pop his head into the shop an off we’d go.

Amazing what the right tunes can do.


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“free” education


You get what you pay for…


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I think it’s the snarl. But we can interpret it anyway we want.


I wrote a whole spiel that probably you alone will read. It was a fun trip down memory lane.


You can lead a horse to water…


Now that we have had this thread so far, several cities now want the federal government here in Canada to decriminalize small amounts of harder drugs than just grass.

I see the idea of marijuana being allowed, I smoked a fair bit in my younger days, but I wonder if it just sends the WRONG signal. Come home from work, freebase some cocaine. Some might already being doing this, but the numbers of people you might see careening around like idiots might be too much.

Also in today’s news, the Premier of the Canadian province of British Columbia is freaking out because there have been 130 opioid overdoses provincewide in one day. Somebody please explain how decriminalizing it is going to reduce people STARTING into hard drugs. I agree that safe injection sites are a good idea, and there is a large public health component here. It is just how many people would show up to work or school woozy? Then downhill from there?


Decriminalising or even legalizing hard drugs such as heroin will reduce overall rates of opiate overdose as heroin is being cut with fentanyl and apparently even carfentanyl (however I doubt it considering a single grain of that stuff can kill a man), users don’t know which dose is spiked, how good the dope is etc. Therefore imagine this

A dude has been using diacetylmorphine daily from the same supplier for a year, using… He uses… I don’t know like 40mgs a day (I haven’t used heroin and NEVER will and don’t know how much people use, however I know a single dose of 40mg is a fairly hefty dose). One day his supplier turns into a carrot, he can’t get his dope from his supplier as his supplier is now a vegetable so he goes to a new source. He buys the same amount of dope, goes home or to a private locaton and shoots up. Thing is, this dope is extraordinarily potent, and previously he’d been using sub-bar quality heroin and was injecting only half what he thought he was, he injects his normal amount and BAM, he overdoses. Even worse the heroin could be cut with fentanyl which is far, far, far, far more potent and lethal than heroin mg per mg, it’s dosed in micrograms. If hard drugs were legal the arguement is that people would know exactly what they are getting and therefore overdose rates would go down.

As to the arguement that more people would use drugs if they were legal… Perhaps, however it is irritating to see otherwise law abaiding citizens getting thrown in jail for something they decide to do to themselves, whether it be marijuana or heroin. You see people are going to use drugs regardless of whether they are legal or not, whether more people will use if drugs are legal… maybe, however it makes sense that if people are going to use drugs anyway, we might as well make it less risky.

Note: I am not pro drug, I’ve seen firsthand the devastating consequences drug addiction CAN have on people, however it is someone’s choice whether they decide to use drugs, and many people don’t get addicted, I believe that as human beings we should have free will, even if it is free will to make what I percieve to be irresponsible and stupid decisions (however many people don’t see using heroin or meth as irresponsible, it’s all subjective, so I just try not to judge)


Smoking is legal. If someone starts smoking because it is legal then he has bigger issues than its legality.


That would require complete control over the supply chain, which as we know, is very difficult. Cartels really don’t appreciate being told what to do.


If the drugs were legal in an ideal situation they would be sold OTC similarly to dietary supplements but more regulated, this means they would be made manufactured in legitimate facilities and distributed, this in turn would hit the cartels quite hard as they make lots of money from drugs


We don’t live in an ideal world.

In the one we do live in, every time pharma comes out with a newer “more effective” narcotic, the purity of the black market goes up.

Since they are completely unhampered by ethics or standards they can always out dose legal pharma.

Oxycontin was giving them a run for their money for a little while, so they just upped the purity and flooded the market with cheaper higher quality dope.


Ugh OxyContin… I took it for pain relief a few times, it made me really sick and spacey, very constipated… I hated it. And although you are right about the black market flooding with cheaper dope. I think of it this way, although some people would take the cheaper route, many would probably buy from dispensaries for peace of mind. It’s similar to buying gear, many people will go UGL/black market either because they have to or because it’s cheaper. However THE MAJORITY of people, if given access to pharma grade gear will buy the pharmacy grade stuff (on the black market or via certain clinics) just because they KNOW they are getting exactly what they payed for.




Legal pharma vs the cartels? I would bet on pharma.