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Canada Asks Drug Makers to Stop Marketing Opioids


He didn’t inhale.


Oh brother.


Why would they want people to have access to free education?


Yeah. I had a good time with it. Wasn’t a dyed in the wool traveling Deadhead, but good time none the less.

My funniest dead story is more an observation. The shop I worked in was high stress, tight deadline, complicated product, etc. The owner would usually stay in the office, and when he did come back to the shop it wasn’t good. Then I noticed that when we put the Dead on the sat. radio, he’d come back and hang out, we’d laugh, have fun and get a ton of work done. So, when we had a big project and everybody was getting too much tightness in their chests, I’d put the Dead on. Every time, within a few minutes he’d pop his head into the shop an off we’d go.

Amazing what the right tunes can do.


Hell if I know. Something something deep state something something nanny party something something Benghazi


“free” education


You get what you pay for…


In order to interpret this, is it the lense work making her nose look bigger, or is it the dyed hair you are getting towards?


I think it’s the snarl. But we can interpret it anyway we want.


I wrote a whole spiel that probably you alone will read. It was a fun trip down memory lane.


You can lead a horse to water…