Can You Test Recombinant HCG with a Pregnancy Test to Check if Legit or Not?

So I hear confusing things, some say you can do it others say it only works for conventional HCG.

Anyone know for sure?


You’re better off just sending it to Janoshik Analytical if you really want to make sure.

WTF is a pregnancy test going to tell you? Yes, it has at least 1iu HCG in it?

Yeah with this method you’ll never know how much is in it but atleast you’ll know if it’s not sugar or something

Okay right but there could be literal sugar mixed into it and your method wouldn’t know

He just wants to know if the test will tell him know if it’s HCG or not……

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Right, and what I’m saying is that if you dont trust your source with something like HCG (which is rarely faked, if ever), then why wouldn’t you just go get a real test to make sure you’re not using bathtub gear?

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IMO, if it has HCG in it at all, it is probably legit. It isn’t that expensive. If it is fake, it is probably because the manufacturer didn’t have it at all. A pregnancy test can be bought at the dollar store. That isn’t much money to know you don’t have a complete fake.

I’d think most would be able to tell pretty quickly just by their balls though. Withing a few weeks at least I can tell.

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Why not just answer his question?

Or some thing like “it possibly can but it may test positive even if there is only a trace of HCG, so not very reliable”, not sure if that’s what you meant to tell him.

Just something I see from online brahs all the time, answering questions with questions and going in round abouts instead of strait forward “hey dude x equals y”.

Yup, that’s my reasoning too. Not going to pay Janoshik or some lab to test HCG.

So nobody answered my question though, can you test recombinant HCG or not with a pregnancy test?

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I am curious as well lol, hopefully some one can say it.

Look what I found:

But still it states “likely”. I know one guy who tested Ovitrelle HCG, also recombinant and he said he could positively test it with a prenancy test.