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Can You Tell When Your Blood is Too Thick?

I increased my TRT dose to 150/week about 6 weeks ago and it feels like my blood is thick. I’ll get “pressure” in my neck veins and other fleeting vein pain. My BP is 123/80. Had CBC and all labs are within range. Should I be worried if all my labs are in range?

Hematocrit 48


Your hematocrit indicates your blood is normal, people who live in high altitudes have very high hematocrit levels (54+) and are fine. BP is perfect, I had neck pain and vein pain in the beginning, my shins had vein pain that felt like a cross between electric/muscle spasms which subsided in time.

If you’re still concerned, then consider blood thinners like a baby aspirin, fish oil, flax seeds, or turmeric.