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Can You Tell If This Is a Fake Site?


hey guys can someone look at this and tell me if its a fake site. I ordered a dorian yates book and they billed me and it never came. The telephone numbers dont work and the email doesnt work. here is the the site www.slchealth-fitness.com/index.asp .


It looks like the business is based in the UK. My advice to you is to wait for six weeks, and if you still haven't received the book after that, apply for a chargeback on your credit card.


Ditto for the UK thing. The numbers probably didn't work because for some reason on their website they don't include the UK +44 international extension code. You should be able to reach them if you replace the leading 0 in the number with 0044.


Looks like a scam site to me - I'd call your credit card right away.


Looks fake to me, but I've found a thread where he guy claims to have ordered from there a few times with no problems. Google "slc health & fitness problems" and click on the 5th link.

How long have you been waiting?


since they 18th but they said it takes about 12 days at most plus they didnt answer there phones so i figured it was fake but ill try the uk thing


I'm surprised you purchased from a site that looks so...unprofessional.


you now what, i googled the book so like it was a link on the book page which didnt look bad. If i had seen the site before i deff would not of purchased it. i guess it shud of checked it out a little closer


I've learned the hard way that it is usually better to buy from reputable sites like Amazon.com, and to a lesser extent, Ebay - both provide cover in the event of non-delivery. Even if you find a book on an independent site, it is always worth checking if the larger suppliers stock it and buy it from them instead. It just reduces the risk.


Wow, those guys need to hire a web site designer. I agree with roybot, amazon is a very reputable site.


I checked out the Biotest products on the site and they are the same except the numbers have this weird squiggle in front of them. Dumbass uk-ians can't make a dollar sign.




There's another contact number on the website registration:



You know what I think is funny. The fact that nobody is out to get this guys medals. Or its not front page news. Not like when Canada's snowboarders kicked ass in the winter Olympics and the one d00d had his medal stripped from him. But nooooo Phelps is American this can't happen. Cause after all lots of money comes from Americans so they can dictate policy. Maybe they cooked up that its inadvertent use just like Carl Lewis.




Dirtbag is right about Phelps,fair is fair right?

But I think we're on the wrong thread.


Ordering stuff from the UK can take a long time for delivery.

I don't think the site is a scam site. I think a scam site would look better and would probably offer books with a broader appeal.

Customs might also delay the package if they randomly picked it for extensive inspection.


just to let you guys know, the site email changed and theres no numbers, its deff bullshit


Administrative Contact:
Ian Gibson (DB00403-TR)
Ekm Systems Ltd
Unit 6 Arkwright Court
Commercial Road
phone: +44.8712307116
fax: +44.012547738


was that it then what the hell im so confused lol