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Can You Take Winstrol Without Test?

I really think you should research the work done by Dunning Krueger. It could really help you. I’m not joking either, you should really take their research to heart.


Were you impressed? That’s literally levels 24 hrs after injection. No one cares what anyone else’s levels are as all someone would need to do is inject more or less to get the same levels.

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Huh, I’m starting to think perhaps we’ve all been trolled… royally

I sure hope so. Surely no one is that stupid

If it is a troll, which I think it is… the initial post being bait… and I took it, the bait like a fish chowing down on a work with a hook in it… then he actually did a damn good job.

Idk if it’s a lack of intellect or merely getting angry and letting his emotions get the best of him… like I did when I called him out for insulting singhbuilder… perhaps both… but with these short, snappy replies I think there’s the possibility he is trolling us for laughs

I mean… some of the stuff he said, particularly

This is supppppeerrr innapropriate and screams troll to me

For what it’s worth this is my undergrad degree. You made a great choice you won’t regret! I plan on going to PA school next. After your undergrad course work what are your plans?

Medicine… I think

Someone should tag Chris It wont let me tag him. Joking about suicide is going a bit to far and is borderline illegal some of the stuff he is saying to @unreal24278. my personal opinion is this guy has no business on this forum
I got it to work

Take a second and read this guy’s response about sucicide plz. His response is extremely disturbing and beyond the point of trolling.


Is this a reference to the guy who was banned on here? The construction worker guy who ended up giving off numerous crazy rants and would frequently say “listen up nuckle heads”… actually is it possible this is the same guy? Surely not…

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You don’t specifically need to tag me about a post. You can use the Flag feature (found towards the bottom of any post) and the Mod on duty can review it immediately.
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I feel sorry for the guy that those posts are how he chose to spend Christmas, but, all done.


Good goal. Its what i always wanted to get into but then just couldnt justify the university fees with the amount a doctor gets paid in the UK. its atrocious. I hope its better in Aus.


Yes. I was just thinking his “style” of writing and grammar were close. Also, his perceived knowledge about AAS and his confidence in his knowledge / understanding despite having a shallow understanding of it, really reminded me of the nuckleheads guy.

If not the same person, they both demonstrated Dunning Krueger effectively.

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Just curious, what do MDs get paid in the UK? In the US general practitioners make over 6 figures out of school (I think close to $150000), which isn’t too bad. I think with experience they usually make 200K+.

I think they are going to be over 40 when they catch up to me (Mechanical Engineer) when accounting for school debt, and not starting work until almost being 30.

Well a junior doctor will start on around £36,000. Which is peanuts for the amount of hours they do, they are on call 24 hours a day sometimes. With enough years of experience, if you become a specialist you could be on around £90-100k, which is still below what you would make as a regular MD in the US. A specialist in the US you’re looking more like half a million from what I’ve seen.

With my experience and education, my american counterpart is on triple my salary. That move to Texas looks so much more appealing.


That is really low. Texas has cool parts, and not cool parts. I have been to Houston, and while it isn’t bad, it is a pain in the ass to get around and not very pretty. If I was moving down there I would try for Austin. It is pretty, and has a good night life.

That’s 1000 years lol

Oh it’s terrible, and the medical community in Aus generally tends to be very, very conservative… I don’t wish to study/practice in Aus

The salary is ridiculous though (as in… its high)

You should be a TRT doc in the US. You already have a good understanding of risks and proper dosing. I think you would enjoy your work, and be a responsible doctor.

@unreal24278 Come on down to Fl and open a clinic as @mnben87 said. I’ll partner with you and fund it. No joke… I really want to open one. Sadly it would be a long time before you were licensed!