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Can You Take Nolvadex During PCT with Crashed E2?

As the title states, is it ok to continue to take Nolvadex during my PCT with crashed E2 or will it interfere with my ability to produce and restore my levels? Thanks in advance.

What did you take that crashed your E2 in the first place?

Yes. As it raises your TT your e2 will come up as well

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How long have you been off the aromasin?

Are you actually doing PCT or are you about to go into it?

Im new to the forum so I’m sorry if I happen to congest this thread with deleted replies, I’m still trying to figure this out. I have been off approximately 72 hours. The side effects haven’t been extremely physical, a bit of strength loss and some joint pain but mostly the mental sides are what is prevalent. I’m just getting into my second week of PCT which will last about 6 weeks due to an extension of my cycle. I have been taking 40mg daily of nolvadex and plan to continue the same dose this week.

You should be fine with the nolva during PCT. Its been a long time since I used aromasin, but with adex I got relief from low E2 about a week after stopping, and being on Nolva.

Instead of using an AI on cycle you won’t crash your E2 with low dose nolvadex 10-20mg/day, to stop pre gyno symptoms like itchy nipples.

I think the recovery from Aromasin is a little longer since it kills the aromatase enzyme rather than just blocking it. But you’re on the right track with the Nolva. Just takes time