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Can You Skip PCT for Test Only Cycle?

I’ve read on other sites that regardless of taking a PCT your hormones will return normal eventually after a test only cycle. Is it true that they will eventually reach homeostasis regardless of PCT?

Why? Are you looking to be told that it will ok after an extended period of time?

Nothing is mandatory, only recommended. A PCT should hopefully facilitate an easier transition back to “normal”.

Yes. I’m more looking to hear that regardless of PCT that one cycle does not change your hormonal system for good and things will return normal over time.

I’ve been on one cycle. Proper pct. been 3 weeks since pct and am getting bloods done this week. Still getting loads of acne and scared hormones are still out of wack

Your hormones could be and probably are still out of wack. No one call tell you if you are going to return to pre-cycle stats or condition. That is a risk that is known before starting taking AAS .

What was your Cycle and PCT. You mentioned blood work. What are you getting tested? full panel? hormone panel?

Test e 500mg 10 weeks
Nolvadex 40, 40, 20, 20, 10

Full hormone panel

Yes, you can return to normal without pct. No, someone should not do it. There’s no guarantee that either course of action will bring you back to normal. Strange things happen. But on balance a good pct is the most effective way to get back to normal. Allowing yourself to return to normal without any assistance has been done for many years. Test tapering seems to work. But why risk it? That’s the rub. It’s a risk/return calculation that one has to make.

You have to think about it man, you were disrupting your hormones for 2 1/5 months. You cant expect to be back to normal in 5 -8 weeks. Could be another 2-3 months. Might be worth asking if addition PCT could be needed. I would wait and check out your lab work.

That’s what I’m going to try and determine. I have more nolvadex on hand if I need another PCT. if bloods are close to baseline I might wait it out 2-3 months

Thanks. I’ve done a normal straight forward PCT. just want to know if I should wait it out or run another

Once you have blood work you’ll have your answer. Until then you should focus on everything else in life.

Thanks man. I might come back and ask you after bloods this week

Hey man I wanted to reply back to you. These were my results 4 weeks after PCT.

TESTOSTERONE, SERUM- 593 ngdl (264-916 ng/dl)
FREE TESTOSTERONE(DIRECT)- 11.0 pg/ml (9.3-26.5 pg/ml)

ESTRADIOL- 18.7 pg/ml (7.6-42.6 pg/ml)
LH- 5.6 mIu/mL (1.7-8.6)
FSH- 2.6 mlu/mL (1.5-12.4 )
PROLACTIN- 6.9 ng/mL (4.0-15.2)

It’s now been 3 months since then. I feel good and accutane has helped acne. Do you think I should get my bloods done again next month? Is this promising that I can return back to normal.

How are you now?