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Can You Restart with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)?

Hi there guys been on TRT for 1 year now exactly & member here a while 2months on Testosterone cream twice daily morning & night, and 10 months of that on Sustanon Injections

I am drained quite financially monthly for TRT and i decided to give a full 8 weeks 2 months restart a shot, just simple question, HCG provides alot of Aromatization effects of (E2) Estrogen, i never used it much during my 1 year T.R.T journey. can i use purely NOLVADEX (Tamoxifen) high doses 40mg all the time for a 2 month reset? will that give sufficent Testosterone levels to feel okay during the restart process. Also is by increasing Nolvadex dose gonna burden the Liver too much more or not.

Or is it IMPOSSIBLE to impliment a restart HPTA and complete natural production without HCG involved? I don’t mind using it, if mandatory part of the process. I will have to keep an A.I on board.

Wish me Luck attempting this, i have zero idea of the outcome, it’s all an unknown mission. But i am going to need the luck/support that hopefully i can feel normal again, without having to Inject anymore. But if push comes to shove" and it didn’t produce desirable natural Testosterone levels then i will have no complaints getting a good supplier for Enanthate in continuation with the journey.

I haven’t brought this up with my Hormone Doctor yet, but i will do Immediately when he returns back to his Office.

Aiming for mid 600’s naturally all by my self daily. I didn’t have too much testicle atrophy round 25% out of 100 and quite youngish 34.

Also has any male here not a Hypo sufferer, but Anabolics user who did steroids for over 2+ years ever got 100% back to his normal levels has it ever been achieved by someone here with a good story ?

I hope you realize a restart will return your levels to baseline, you’re not going to see higher levels like on TRT. I stopped TRT after 2.5 years and didn’t need a restart, just stopped cold turkey.

Did you fully recover yours though? i think you mentioned before you did recover off 2.5 years on TRT as you were Mistakenly put on TRT in first place. I think you posted that Brother about 1 month ago now in June. @systemlord can you clarify if that is true?

Also has anyone male here with Hypo secondary, had a Restart Miracle? and gone back better than before Pre TRT not exactly TRT levels but at least Liveable levels like mid 600s ?.

Regards to my question above, if i want to attempt this do i have to use both drugs medicines? or can Tamoxifen (Nolva) be solely used. If you did went totaly cold turkey off trt no pct, but had no Hypo i guess you didn’t really experience much of a low, if you was normal hormonally to begin with man.

Yes I did recover my natural levels after 4.5 weeks, 97 ng/dL as of this past Monday. Pre-TRT numbers were 120 ng/dL. I feel alright mentally, happy, have a sense of humor and have limited erections at times.

The only difference this time around is I’m supplementing iron, potassium and vitamin D.

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It would be positively retarded to try and implement a restart while using HCG. So, let’s just start there. Nolvadex signals your pituitary to produce more LH by deceiving it into believing that your E2 is low (more or less). Men make E2 by aromatizing it from testosterone, so the LH is expressed to boost test production and thereby have raw materials (testosterone) to produce estradiol. Adding HCG to your system at the same time would negate this, as it mimics LH and would therefore serve to suppress production of LH, defeating the purpose of taking the nolvadex. And before you ask - yes, it works the same way with Clomid as it does with Nolvadex. HCG is used when you’re suppressed (like taking exogynous test) to maintain function of the testes.
Clear enough?
And a standard restart would be 40/40/20/20/20 (mg per day per per week). Google PCT.

Did you use anabolics prior to TRT? If not and there is a physical cause to your hypogonadism, unless that is corrected, as system said you will fall back to where you were pre-trt. So if you have any known deficiencies that can be corrected I would make sure those are taken care of otherwise you will more than likely not maintain anything gained during your restart. System has now identified what may have caused some of his issues and maybe he could possibly achieve higher than pre-trt naturally by addressing these issues and giving it time if he chose to. I don’t believe you will ,unless you can identify something to fix or stemmed from AAS suppression, IMHO. Good luck man.

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So what is your plan are you just going to stay off of TRT at that low level?
Does TRT mess with our sense of humor?
the reason that im asking is because I’ve notice something similar but I want to wait to see what you have to say first

Could I do something like 20/20/10/10/10 would that still work for a restart?

What type of labs do you suggest someone should run before attempting a restart to find out if there are any deficiencies or to identify of there is something that needs to be fixed?

Maybe, but 40/20/20/20 would be better. It’s a restart, if you cut corners you hurt your chance of success or at least make recovery slower.

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thanks I really appricate it. I Start next week

@dannybrouk have you ever heard of someone having a successful restart. ALot of people keep telling me don’t get my hopes up which kind of sucks because Iw Ould like to get back to my natural high levels

Even they did, they probably wouldn’t have a reason to be on TRT forums too much, because they would be 100% again. Is it possible MAYBE? but each males body is different. Maybe some get back to 75% it all depends too if they had Hypogonadism to begin with.

Did you start your restart yet?