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Can You Reduce BF While Bulking?

Can you reduce your bodyfat while bulking?

Background: Ive been bulking since the start of the year and have gain 6kgs (13 lbs). Half fat, half muscle. I have 2L of whole milk a day and fast food once a week. Im doing starting strength and all lifts are going up. Diet consists of lean minc, pasta, rice, chicken, green vegies, fruit, whole milk, fish oil, PB, nuts, olive oil, eggs, cheese.

Im gaining bout .5 pounds a week. Im still skinny-fat, bf%17-20%? So is it because my body fat is so high that im gaining fat easier?

Should i…

A: Continue to eat clean (with whole milk) and bulk for a few years hoping that the ratio between fat/muscle sort itself out?


B: Bulk till august, maintain for 4 weeks and cut till i get to 10%?

Obviously, cutting is not an option at 6’1" and 182lbs.

Depends on how fast you want to be lean.

If you eat cleanly for a few years and put on 20 pounds of muscle you’re going to look a lot better and the BF% will reduce.

However, you’ll probably see the best results if you focus on hypertrophy for a period and then focus on fat loss for a period.

You’re gaining fat because you’re eating more calories than you burn, but that’s also a component to why you’re gaining muscle.

One note: if you want to be 10% body fat, fast food, rice and pasta are not going to get you there. Your diet is going to have to be near perfect.

Try taking a look at Thib’s Carb Cycling Codex article.

If you are severely undertrained then you can definitely reduce bf while bulking. Similarly, if you were sedentary and eating complete shit and you’re now working out intelligently (key word there) and eating much cleaner foods then you can reduce bf while bulking. AAS users can also do this.

Having said all this, IMO even an experienced lifter shouldn’t increase bf a significant amount while bulking as the goal is to build muscle while accepting that there will be some (not huge amounts) fat gain.

Adding to Fireflyz,

Fast food once a week won’t hurt (much). Everything counts, and it all adds up. Cleaning up things like that in your diet will certainly help, but it may psychologically effect you, causing you to break a streak of good dieting sooner than you otherwise would.

If you’re gaining half fat, half muscle, I would say drop the calories a bit. That much fat gain means you’re eating a bit too much, just don’t make large cuts–start low, a couple hundred calories may be all you need to lower it.

Route A will probably give you results you like, but years down the road.

Route B will yield at least similar, if not better results, in a much shorter time. Bulk until you stop seeing results, don’t set a time constraint. If you see more muscle than fat, take a week or so lighter to segue into the next program.

I’m 5’10" 190lbs, a little over 10% bf probably.

If you’re 6’1" 182lbs, with a bf in the high teens, you need to put on some mass before you cut. If I were you, I’d make that my priority.

Keep the whole milk, i’m on 3L a day.
Make sure you’re pasta and rice is wholegrain/wholemeal. And your bread too.

Dont worry about a little bit of bodyfat, but you could add in light cardio, maybe 20mins twice a week on a bike at 65% max heart rate.

Eat more,

lift heavy compound exercises!