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Can You Recommend a Good Program or Template?


Hi everyone

This is my first time posting, but I’m finding that work is eating into my training time, leaving me with about 35min a gym session.

I was hoping somebody could recommend a training template?

I’m an hourglass figure so want to keep my curves, but looking for a training program where I train 4 days a week, I tried the hard body workout but found I was too tired when I got back to work, it took too long and It was straightening my hourglass figure (I tend to forgo any ab exercises) im on a flip diet atm too.
I found The sexy Woman workout and tried it last night. I liked the format, Hiit for 15min, and 4 exercise circuits A1, A2,A3 but it was too easy and I miss my compound exercises.
My goal is to look like a Bikini competitor,( I’m not interested in competition so happy if it takes me longer to get there.)
I want to be able to a pull up and arm balances.

I hope someone can give some advice or point me in the right direction please.

Have a great day!


That’s not a massive amount of time. One option that springs to mind is

You could also try 531, although it’d have to be set up just right with assistance to fit the time. At a guess, something like FSL and Triumvirate would probably fit the bill. You could just do Triumvirate even.


I would personally do 5/3/1 + FSL with one movement per training day.

Then I would find time for bw-assistance circuit and some running in the evening. You don’t need to do everything in the gym.


This is a good idea. I’m probably going to include FSL after a few cycles. At the moment I’m getting a feel for 531.


I don’t really understand what this all means, because it seems slightly contradictory. Most bikini competitors, that I can think of, don’t have a classic “hourglass figure” because an “hourglass figure” from my perspective still has relatively big hips and thighs (curves).

What’s your current height, weight, and general bodyfat level (not a percentage, but an honest description - flat stomach, arm/shoulder definition, muffin top, etc.)?

Is there a specific bikini pro who might be your “ideal” physique? Just so we’re on the same page.

35 minutes isn’t much time to get a lot of work done, so you need to be really dialed in and focused. EDT is my first thought. That’s the most simple way to get a thorough workout done while keeping a strict eye on the clock.

Complexes are another way to get good work done in a short amount of time. One big exercise for, say, 5x6-10 followed by a 3-4 sets of complexes, would be a solid training day.

This article has some good steps for working towards some pull-ups. Not sure what you mean by arm balances. If it’s like a gymnastic hold, that’d be separate skill practice.


I know one of the women’s physique (or figure, can’t remember the difference) competitors at our gym does not squat with a barbell because it thickens her mid section. She does most of her leg and glute work in the smith machine. However, my girlfriend has great curves with a hourglass figure and she squats and uses a barbell… so everybody is different I guess.

There is a book by Bret Contreras titled “Strong Curves” that my girlfriend has and she really had good success with it. You could certainly check that out. It has some very solid workouts and I know she enjoyed it.


Try these + one day a week add a ton of pullups…