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Can You Recommend a Full Body Program

To be done as least as possible on the machines.

Pick up the dumbbells and do lots of supersets, and you can make them up. I have a superset in which I do shoulder flies to the sides, then lift them in front, then lean over for reverse flies, then set back on an incline bench and do flies again. Or you can pick up a barbell and do shoulder presses, squats, and good mornings as a super set.

Google or use the search engine on this site: " beginner full body routines".

3 days per week, alternate between the two workouts. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Workout A

Squat – 3×5
Bench Press – 3×5
Deadlift – 1×5

Workout B

Squat – 3×5
Overhead Press – 3×5
Power Clean (or BB Row) – 3×5

This is the one. I want a radical lower back :slight_smile:

Currently I’m swimming after lifting three days a week. Some people think I’m crazy, but I think I’m getting decent results.

Wrong thread dude. If you want a strong lower back, try lower back exercises.

Works great…