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Can You Reattach a Torn AC Joint After 1.5 Years?

Hi everyone

I had an ac joint injury around 1.5 years ago and there is clear separation if I just let my arm hang loose. However I’ve compensated for the lack of stability by training my shoulder muscles and doing lots of stabilization and mobility exercises to a point where my injured shoulder has better ROM and stability than my right shoulder.

Obviously, I’m not in need of an ac joint surgery. However I was wondering if a reattachment would even work anymore? Is the torn tendon still there somewhere or would I have to remove tendon tissue from somewhere else and use it to reattach the ac joint?


That’s a question for the surgeon.

But I know that a while back I got a splinter in the meat of my hand between my thumb and wrist, deep enough that I couldn’t pull it out. My hand healed around it and I can still sometimes feel a lump there.

The body tends to heal around “broken” stuff so it can carry on with business as usual, so I’d be surprised if the tendon was just sitting there loose without scar tissue or gnarly growth around it, so it’s probably going to be a bigger issue to clear away and reattach at this point.

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