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Can You Press/Squat/Pull 300/400/450?


I thought it would be a good idea to have a more positive thread given all the trolling and anti-bodybuilding bullshit recently.

Put your hand up if you can do any of the following:

(a) Press more than 300lb

(b) squat more than 400lb

(c) pull more than 450lb

Please don't post if you can't now but WANT to do any of the above in the future, we already know that because otherwise you shouldn't be here.


(raises hand)



(Raises hand)

455 pull as of March 7th. Working towards 505 for 5 reps on or before what would have been my father's 47th birthday (December 4th).




I can't press over 300, but my squat PR is 500 with knee wraps and a belt and I've pulled 455 for 5.




Can press 300, and if you let me cheat and use a trap bar I can pull 450.





Just got 300 today in bench. hoo ra.


I can pull that

working on the others

and working on doing it for reps


Yes on all 3, but not with perfect form for reps.


Hands raised. I've pulled over 500 before and I can easily rep 300 on the bench fo pobably 8 reps or more. As for squat, well I don't squat but I ca. Leg press a grand for reps and hack squat 450 pounds plus the sled for reps. So my hand is raised on all accounts.


yeah buddy.

suck it suck it suck it


I can do the 300lb press and maybe 2-3 reps on 506lb (230kg) deadlift. I've never squatted less than 5 reps (form gets too sloppy if I start going too heavy) so I'm not sure about that one yet.


Hand Up...
Power Clean-325
Bench Press- 410
Bodyweight- 197 at the time.


Since this is a bodybuilding forum, you might as well ask if the people here can curl 155lb lol.


165 for 5 boys.


Bench: 370
Deadlift: 605
Squat: 475...rough estimate. Can do 405 for sets of 5


checks log... let me get back to you in 4-5months.


Good to see some people putting their hands up who I don't see post much.