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Can You Overdevelop the Upper Chest?

Do you guys think its possible to overdevelop the upper chest as a natrual lifter?

How long (well, short really) are the theoretical clavicles?

Has this natural lifter used a rib cage expansion program yet?


not sure if srs, but if you are then no just a regular lifter, will a overdeveloped upper chest look bad on a natty?

Sure man. Look at in experienced, younger mens physique competitors. Or guys who just aren’t very good.

Skinny dudes with no neck, Zero % legs, no backs, slender arms but some pecs. Everything else is under developed and skinny so the chest doesn’t fit. So more like under developed everything else vs overdeveloped chest.

And those are dudes who should at least be thinking about symmetry and balanced routine. Imagine some gym rat douche bag with a stupid routine and the off balance physique he could build.

I think he meant an overdeveloped UPPER chest. I guess it’s possible but it seems like it’d be really hard to do. Most people have overdeveloped Lower chests and underdeveloped upper ones. If all you do is high incline/overhead work and never flat press or dip I guess it’d be possible.

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As soon as I say it’s impossible some low self esteem internet weirdo will pop out of the woodwork with some absurd, 1 in a million picture of some freak guy who did some ridiculous shit workout for years.


I’d say your upper chest is only over developed if your lower back hurts from supporting your chest all day, which would be the result of unbalanced training.

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Yes, a muscle is a muscle, you can always overdeveloped one in comparison of the rest of your body depending on your genetics and training. By genetics I mean, it depends on the insertion and structure. Like me, I am very shoulder dominant. So, even when I do flat bench I get moderate amount of stimulus in my front delts and upper pecs. My upper pecs and front delts had always been bigger even before I started lifting. My lower pecs are lacking.

But as some mentioned here, most people lack upper pec development and good programming can somewhat alter it (but not completely, I know a guy who does 75% incline work for chest but he still lacks upper chest and has a very strong lower chest)

If you have crazy insertions like franco columbo then maybe it is.

The title says it all: In your opinion what hits the upper chest better, the Landmine press or Incline press?

Which ever one you feel the best chest contraction with.

In my opinion there is no reason to not do both though, either in the same session or alternated between each session.

I’m currently using incline as my heavier work, 4 or 5 sets of either 5-8reps or 10-12reps depending how I feel and then using an exercise like landmine press (or squeeze press) to do 2 or 3 higher rep constant tension style sets of 15-20.

So it’s easy to do both so no real reason to choose, which one suits you will depend on how each exercise feels to you and what the goal is.

Landmine press isn’t really a chest exercise and sure was not designed for targeting the upper chest specifically.

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Yeah, I was confused about this. Landmine presses are a shoulder movement. Shoulder presses are going to involve upper chest, but not as much as an exercise specifically targeting the upper chest.

I will say this about incline presses- most standard incline setups are at 30 degrees, and I’ve always gotten more upper chest involvement out of 45-60 degrees. A slight back arch with a 30 degree incline pretty much puts your chest parallel to the ground.

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Because the landmine is a lever, your grip gets further away from you the more you extend your arm. Depending where you start the press, your technique and your levers (heh), you may find this mimics a high incline press - similar to those hammer strength incline machines.


Single arm it can be more shoulder dominant, but standing with both arms it does target the upper chest. I don’t know any EMG studies on it, but i can at least feel it working my pecs. You should try it bro!

I did a lot of Decline DB Benching last year, and they make my lower and middle chest feel really sore, bujt never my ‘‘upper chest’’ (i know its not an indicator of muscle growth), but maybe i’ll give them another shot now. I’m just out of shoulder rehab so i’m looking for an chest exercise that dosen’t bother my shoulder. I’m done with all BB pressing movements for sure!

Done right like above it’s actual a pretty great upper chest exercise.

How much u Incline Press? Are you progressing on it?

Yeah that Instagram doesn’t sell me on it

I’m not selling you anything or trying to convince you to do it. Just showing how it can be tweaked form wise in a way that targets the chest more than the delts. In the same way that changing bar position or stance width can shift the tension a bit in squats.

It is better suited as a accessory movement or as a finisher and I wouldn’t have it in as the only pressing movement for chest but for someone who has a hard time feeling the chest working or has shoulder issues it can work well.

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