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Can You Name These Bodybuilders?



The black&white images at the side, to the right.

  1. I thought Dexter Jackson but now not so sure.
  2. can't remember his name.
  3. again I thought Dexter but can't be sure.

  1. Brian Bucanan

  2. Robbie Robinson

  3. Same as 1


You surprised me.

Good job.

I was thinking a lot of people jump into this with only knowledge of who competed within the last year.

Those are two of the greats right there...with Buchannan possibly still the owner of one of the most freakishly small waists on stage while still being that big....even though the last isn't Buchannan.


Yeah i like the classic physiques, with guys like Branch winning these days i can't say i like keeping up.

Is the last one Vince Taylor?


thanks very much - appreciated.


I enjoy the classic physiques as well. I have the old "Joe Weider's Ultimate Bodybuilding: The Master Blaster's Principles of Training and Nutrition Book" and love seeing all pics and training routines of all the legends.

Good read if you haven't seen it.