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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


I’m getting old that’s what lol nah I’m just going to drop by the Thai place and get a massage. See if that loosens things up.

@mortdk Im not really one for bike riding but I have been mean to get out and do some exploring (hiking), similar effect?


Find a mountain bike and do the exploring on that.
Hiking/walking is kind of a workout for calves I think.
Maybe short walks 10 - 20 minutes for a start could be good.
I’ll go with the Thai Massage :slight_smile:


Wednesday workout:
Log press: 5x6 @ 60kg
Good mornings: 12 @ 60,80kg
8 @ 100,110kg
Pull-ups: 3x8 @ BW

Incline chest press machine, lateral raises, face pulls and cable curls.

Pressing moved well, felt solid.
@mortdk got a Thai massage and who even knows if my calves caused my cramps but holy shit I nearly died when she started on them, they were tight AF.


Then massages don’t sound safe brah


Nothing like a good brutalising to loosen shit up yeah


Friday workout: weight: 86.4kg
Squats: 5x8 @ 150kg
NG pull ups: 3x8 @ BW

Leg extensions and lateral raises.

Got to the gym late and used the Australian barbel bar tonight which i don’t like quite as much as the ivanko ones.
Regardless things moved well but are starting to become more challenging, especially after the 3rd set. my fat arse gets a bit out of breath.
Physique update: because I thought i’d try and pose in
front of a mirror…

Not entirely sure anythings changed I’ve just gotten a little fatter.


Sunday workout:
Log press: 15 @ 60kg
25 @ 50kg
NG pull-ups: 8 @ BW, 5,10kg
ATG high bar squats: 3x5 @ 140kg
Back extensions: 2x20 @ BW
Ab wheel roll outs: 2x10 @ BW

Face pulls.

Got told it’s the season for cutting today, fuck that I’m pretty sure it’s the season for a beaded fat dude to get jolly drinking milk and eating cookies… So onward Christmas bulk (basically Christmas dinners here I come)
Everything moved alright, squats felt a bit heavier than they should have (probably because I squatted 2 days ago) but moved alright.
Tried cooking a parma today, turned out pretty good.


Top pick: “Never skip head day”