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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


I’m getting old that’s what lol nah I’m just going to drop by the Thai place and get a massage. See if that loosens things up.

@mortdk Im not really one for bike riding but I have been mean to get out and do some exploring (hiking), similar effect?


Find a mountain bike and do the exploring on that.
Hiking/walking is kind of a workout for calves I think.
Maybe short walks 10 - 20 minutes for a start could be good.
I’ll go with the Thai Massage :slight_smile:


Wednesday workout:
Log press: 5x6 @ 60kg
Good mornings: 12 @ 60,80kg
8 @ 100,110kg
Pull-ups: 3x8 @ BW

Incline chest press machine, lateral raises, face pulls and cable curls.

Pressing moved well, felt solid.
@mortdk got a Thai massage and who even knows if my calves caused my cramps but holy shit I nearly died when she started on them, they were tight AF.


Then massages don’t sound safe brah


Nothing like a good brutalising to loosen shit up yeah


Friday workout: weight: 86.4kg
Squats: 5x8 @ 150kg
NG pull ups: 3x8 @ BW

Leg extensions and lateral raises.

Got to the gym late and used the Australian barbel bar tonight which i don’t like quite as much as the ivanko ones.
Regardless things moved well but are starting to become more challenging, especially after the 3rd set. my fat arse gets a bit out of breath.
Physique update: because I thought i’d try and pose in
front of a mirror…

Not entirely sure anythings changed I’ve just gotten a little fatter.


Sunday workout:
Log press: 15 @ 60kg
25 @ 50kg
NG pull-ups: 8 @ BW, 5,10kg
ATG high bar squats: 3x5 @ 140kg
Back extensions: 2x20 @ BW
Ab wheel roll outs: 2x10 @ BW

Face pulls.

Got told it’s the season for cutting today, fuck that I’m pretty sure it’s the season for a beaded fat dude to get jolly drinking milk and eating cookies… So onward Christmas bulk (basically Christmas dinners here I come)
Everything moved alright, squats felt a bit heavier than they should have (probably because I squatted 2 days ago) but moved alright.
Tried cooking a parma today, turned out pretty good.


Top pick: “Never skip head day”


images%20(2) am I doing it right bro?


Wednesday workout:
Log press: 5x7 @ 60kg
NG pull-ups: 2x8 @ BW
BOR: 8 @ 60,80,90,100,110kg
Good mornings: 8 @ 60,80,100,120kg

Incline chest press machine and face pulls

Pressing moved well, broke out the coffee flavoured protein powder. Was actually pretty good.
Christmas shirt arrived in the mail, just in time for the Christmas party on Friday.
So I’m going to try and hit the gym tomorrow and get a easy workout in, I’ll definitely be to drunk to lift anything Friday.

I’m going to be jolly as fuck


Thursday workout:
Pause squats: 2 @ 140,150,160,170kg
3 @ 180kg
3x5 @ 140kg
NG pull-ups: 3x8 @ BW

Incline chest press machine, leg extensions, lateral raises and face pulls.

Fucking monsoon season in Canberra today but
Squats moved well, like really well.
180kg didn’t fell nearly as heavy as I was expecting and I felt like I could easily have pushed out two more reps.
Also we now have some new equipment :smile:



Sexi calibrated plates. Nice


Nice pics. I’ve just browsed a few of your posts. Are you finding the journal keeping keeps you motivated? Any advice for someone that’s just starting a journal? Keep up the good work


Cheers mate.
I find the e-journal helpful because I’m prone to losing note books lol
Checking out some of the other logs in the section (looks like your doing that anyway) normally inspires my lazy arse to work a bit harder.


You inspire me to work lazier


I mean bro, do I even lift


Depends a bit on the goal of the log.
If you just want to keep a log you can easily browse through to see you progress, just log set and reps.
If you on the other hand like some interaction with fellow lifters put in some thoughts and maybe a question here and there if you are in doubt of anything.
In the first post a bit of background and some stats. If you have a goal put it there with a description of how you’ll get to your goal. Then you can revisit the first post now and then to update to new readers.


Sunday workout:
Log press: 18 @ 60kg
10 @ 65kg
5 @ 70kg
Pause squats: 5x5 @ 140kg
NG pull-ups: 2x10 @ BW
Supinated grip BOR: 10 @ 60,80,100,110kg

Tricep push down and cable curls.

Pressing went well but anything that involved my back felt a bit heavy, so basically squats and rows.
So last day of work is Wednesday, then I’m off to Melbourne for a surprise party and Christmas celebrations (so basically eating/drinking more than is sensible)
might rearrange my workouts to suit.


Wednesday workout:
Log press: 5x8 @ 60kg
RDL: 2x20 @ 140kg

Incline machine press and face pulls.

Late to the gym again, forgot most of my gym stuff so deadlifted with mixed grip,
Pressing felt pretty easy.
Drive down to Melbourne tomorrow and dentist Friday but will try and get a workout in to keep things ticking over.
Felt like one of these days