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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


Will you go to the gym again too ?!! :wink:


Haha I’m not an alcoholic I swear… :slightly_smiling_face:


Monday workout: weight 85.3kg

RDLs: 2x15 @ 140kg


Leg extensions x alot
Incline treadmill @ 5 minutes

So I failed to get to the gym for a 3rd time last week, no surprises there and after work drink again Friday.
Besides being fucking tiring dead lifts moved well, work out went super quick.
Thought I’d just do something different seeing as I really haven’t been enthusiastic about getting down to the gym recently.
Work should slow down this week and get back to normal (probably means they’ll stop supplying me with alcohol too though).


Tuesday workout:

Pause squat: 1 @ 150,160,170,180kg
Squat: 3x30 @ 60kg


Loaded carries w/straps

So I was wrong, work has been ridiculously busy and they stopped providing me with beer.
However it was good to be back in the gym (Bastards took away the music selector in the Powerlifting room)


Why the straps?


And it starts !


The theory is that I can use heavier dumbbells for longer and overload my upper back/pretty much anything that’s used to carry them.


Ha it’s actually the change in atmosphere that’s put me off the most, surprising considering I’m so antisocial :thinking:


That’s one reason I left. I’m not super social but atmosphere is pervasive.


Monday workout:

Log press: 4 @ 70kg
2x10 @ 55kg
Good mornings: 2x10 @ 100kg


Loaded carries w/straps
Face pulls

I guess I’m trying one body part a week now…
I really need to get back into a routine of going to the gym regularly then it won’t be so easy to skip out on it.
Everything felt a bit off and I swear I could feel the DOMs as soon as I started lifting lol


Wednesday workout:

Pause squat: 1 @ 150,160,170,160,150kg
Good mornings: 10x3 @ 100kg
NG pullups: 3x8 @ BW


Leg extensions super sets.

Squats went alright but felt really off key, weight felt heavier than normal unpacking but form stayed solid.
On another note just saw Eddie Hall’s transformation (he’s still 160 odd kg but shit he looks jacked AF)


Sunday workout:

Swiss bar OHP: 3x10 @ 49kg
Squat: 30 @ 115kg
NG pull-ups: 2x10, 2x5 @ BW


Face pulls

So works been shit, sleeps been shit but I’m going to count this small win.
Monday, Wednesday and Sunday… That’s 3 times a week right…
Composition hasn’t changed too much and weight is steady.


Nice to see you getting some sessions in. Well done mate


Cheers mate.


Wednesday workout:
Log press: 3x3 @ 70kg
10 @ 60kg
Good mornings: 10 @ 60,80,100kg
NG pullups: 3x8 @ BW /ss push-ups 3x30


Face pulls superset


Friday workout:

Squats: 5x5 @ 150kg
Dips: 3x10 @ BW


Loaded carries, Leg extensions super sets and face pulls.

Really didn’t feel like getting down to the gym today but managed to drag my lazy arse down.
Everything moved surprisingly well, squats were easier than expected too.
I’m off camping tomorrow morning and I should be back in time for a Sunday avro sesh.


Sunday workout:

Squats: 3x5 @ 140kg (beltess)
BOR: 10 @ 60,80,100,100kg(supinated grip)


Loaded carriers and lateral raises.

Drank to much Saturday night, however 140kg felt pretty light.
A slight strain in my wrist ruled out pressing but should be alright in a day or two.
Despite all the drinking still managed to get in some protein in while camping


Wednesday workout:

Log press: 4x3 @ 70kg
10 @ 60kg
NG pull-ups: 3x8 @ BW


Leg extensions and face pull supersets.

Pressing felt good, No sign of wrist issues.


Friday workout:

Squats: 5x5 @ 160kg


Loaded carriers w/straps.

Stayed back for after work drinks tonight,
So got down the gym a little late.
Just got some basic work in, squats almost feeling light.
Weighed in this morning and apparently I’m a fat shit l

Anyway there’s a new episode of 4WD action up to watch.


Sunday workout:

Log press: 3x10 @ 60kg
RDLs: 3x10 @ 140kg
NG pull-ups: 3x8 @ BW


Face pulls, DB lateral raises and leg extension super sets.

Work out was solid enough, realised my work out gear isn’t cool enough. Definitely missing out on gains by not having a brand name belt or a tub of protein in my bag.