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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


sorry for your loss man. glad you got a raise though!


Cheers mate.
I think I only got a raise because 90% of the staff got let go :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tuesday workout:
Dohertys gym dandynong.

Pause squats: 2 @ 140,150,160kg
Good mornings: 3x12 @ 80kg
Log press: 3x3 @ log (no idea on the weight but it definitely weighed more than the one at elite)


Push ups: 3x12
Face pulls

Squeezed in a work out while in Melbourne.
No belt or knees sleeves, felt a bit naked lol
Groin held up fine, upper body DOMs still kicking around a bit.


I’ll be heading through Sydney then on my way up to Darwin then.


Like ships in the night !


Wednesday notes:
Funerals today.
Diet has gone south, turns out my comfort food is carbs and a lot of them.
Downed 2 large caterpillar lookin maranges
And a couple of large jam donuts.

Currently on a sugar high.


u allgood man?


Yeah thanks mate.
The service was really nice.
I’m just at the airport in a bit of a sugar coma now though, might ease up on the carb intake tomorrow


Darwin workout 1:
Went to the gym across the road from where we are staying.

DB OHP: 10 @ 20,22.5,25kg
AMRAP: @ 20kg (20 reps)
Wide grip pull-ups: 10 @ BW
4x5 @ BW
Pause squats: 1 @ 140,150,160kg
Squats: 2x30 @ 60kg


Face pulls and cable curls.

Let me in for free, so can’t complain to much.
Didn’t have all that much in the way of free weights (only one rack) but got stuff done.
No belt or knees sleeves again, then went for a day trip to florence falls, would highly recommend.


Darwin workout 2: Monday

One arm dumbbell clean and press: 5 @ 22.5,25,27.5,30kg.
Dumbbell OHP: 20 @ 20kg, 15 @ 25kg
Goodmornings: 10 @ 80,90,100kg
Close grip pull-ups: 5x8 @ BW


Face pulls, cable curls, leg extensions and cable rows.

Fuck, I’d forgotten what peak hour is like in a small box gym.
It’s a struggle trying to get to the dumbbells because everyone is standing up close to the mirror curling.
One rack is also not nearly enough.
Anyway spent a bit of time out in kakadu (hot as fuck but a great place f you like exploring national park land).
Food portions in Darwin are massive (or at least where I’ve eaten) and delicious so bring on the bulk haha


Darwin workout 3:

Squats: 5x2 @ 150kg
30 @ 80kg
DB OHP: 15 @ 22.5KG, 12 @ 25KG.


Push ups: 3x30 @ BW
Seated cable row machine: 5x25

Nearly killed myself with the higher volume stuff in the heat (low 30s and sticky).
Tonight’s dinner special is two for one steak thoug so…
@MarkKO I got an email from elite and lime saying they plan to ‘upgrade’ the cardio area, which I assume means that they’ll just be swapping out weight equipment for more treadmills.
Sounds like I’ll be on the hunt for a new gym when I get back lol


So it begins…


Monday workout: weight: 84.9kg

Pause squat: 1 @ 150,160,170kg
Squat: 30 @ 90kg

Loaded carries w/straps

First session at the new and improved elite club lime physique fitness.
So all the cardio equipment was swapped out for new equipment but other than that… Nothing.
Powerlifting room is still intact.


Thank god… until stuff randomly starts to disappear


I was worried about the chalk going walkabout but it’s still there.
I’m sure it’s only a matter of time though…


You may find that they will leave it alone unless the dynamic of the members changes. If it’s still getting good use then surely no need for the to pull it out


Problem is, word is already out. People have left and as soon as they employ their people it will just attract lemon heads!


Nail on the head. Both Jez and Megan have been given their marching orders as far as I know (although both were going anyway after the change), and Jez has been there is some capacity for 12 years.


Wednesday workout:

Log clean and press: 1 @ 60,70,80kg
3x5 @ 60kg (this was more like clean and just press 5 times)
Pressing from sticking point: 10x1 @ 60kg
30 @ Log (40kg)
Squat: 30 @ 100kg


Seated cable row: 3x20

So club elite lime physique when renovating the cardio area have decided to place concept 2 up right row machines near the half glass wall as you come up the stairs, I’m not sure exactly on how you use them but I was greeted by a disappearing and reappearing head today :confused:
Everything moved pretty well, got carried away with pressing the log.


I hadn’t thought about this but most gyms like lime I’ve been too have had rubbish trainers. To be fair the worst was a young guy at the public Australian institute of sport gym.
He commented on me rounding my upper back while deadlifting, then suggested I stand on my toes to deadlift.