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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


Yer those 50 reps sound horrible


Jezuzzzz I thought multiple widow makers were bad
Youre fucked up bro
I love it


I’ve spoken to you about this…
Hey I saw they put your new numbers up on the board yesterday, just incase I need to check how much more weight than me you’re squatting


But he aint doing no 50 reppers :slight_smile:


That’s just to motivate you to work harder !!


Oi you I work plenty hard…
Okay maybe I could work a little harder




Tuesday workout:
Fat bar OHP: 5 @ 60,65,70kg
Fat bar OHP Pause (at sticking point): 2x8 @ 45kg
Swiss Bar OHP: AMRAP @ 29kg (bar)(40 reps)

Face pull supersets.

Running late again.
everything moved pretty well.
Somebody managed to damage one of the glass panels at the gym so they taped it off (taped off the stereo too)


Ermm high reps for building muscle right? . cough


Well fuck. I wonder what happened.


My hearing isn’t great :joy:

TBH with a peak I reckon you’d squat close to what I’m doing in meet.


Some nice squatting there mate, Fark those 50 reppers,


Saturday workout:

High bar ATG squat: 5x3 @ 140kg
NG pullups: 5x3 @ +15kg
Dips: 5x3 @ +40kg



Fairly laid back workout today, squats were probably a bit light and dips were probably a bit heavy.
Spoke to a guy at the gym I haven’t spoken to in a while tonight, I think he only wanted to tell me his numbers though…People always want to tell me how much they lift/about their training plans


Maybe they see you as someone they should impress ?


I’d agree with you, if I wasn’t covered in paint and wearing $10 shorts and a shirt :wink:


Not because of your outfit, because of you awesome workouts


Lifting is a hard thing to bring up in convo, I very rarely talk about lifting with anyone, as the times I’ have, it always turns into them telling me about how much they could bench for the 3 weeks they lifted in their teens before becoming a fat beer junky.


I think you’re on money, I lifted a 90kg atlas stone once and this small child looked at me in amazement and said “my dad couldn’t even lift that” best lifting conversation I’ve ever had


Monday workout:

Squat: 1 @ 140,160,170kg
Pause squat: 2@160,3@150,4@140,5@130,6@120,7@110kg
Good mornings: 5 @ 80,90,100,110kg


Cable curl superset.

Took it easier tonight.
Lower back told me it didn’t want to be my friend, specifically right where it meets my hips.
Unclear as to what exactly is wrong with it.
That awkward moment when the music stops and someone tells there bro that people call him a unit…while half squatting 80kg… in front of a large group of powerlifters… who are squatting above 200kg.

also @JMaier31



Looking good! How do they feel?