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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


Monday workout: Weight 82.6kg

Pause squat: 1 @ 160,170,180kg
30 second pause squat: 3x1 @ 140kg


Goodmornings: 3x12 @ 80kg

Leg extension supersets.

weight has dropped again but squats felt better than ever.
I actually walked 180kg out and then re-racked it because I was sure i’d not put enough on there.
30 second pause squats hit my hammies and hips a ton,
Also apparently my dog lifts, I don’t know if you can quite see it in that picture but she has a 6 pack lol

Definitely need to up my game


Nice squats mate, I am very jelly


You’re a sick fuck


OK look I’ve had enough of your insults
Ha I was feeling a bit wobbly in the hole, sitting there for so long


I’d have passed out after about 10 seconds. Last paused squats I did my vision started shaking.


Tuesday workout:

Fat bar OHP: 1 @ 60,65,70,75kg
Overload @ 55kg (15 strict reps/ leg drive from 16 reps onward, total 20)


NG pull ups: 8 @ BW,10,20kg

Facepull supersets.

Another good day in the gym, things moved well and nothing felt too heavy.


I would deff call that a good day. Nice work


Thursday workout:

Pause squat: 5x3 @ 162.5kg
Swiss bar OHP: 3x10 @ 59kg


Cable machine row: 3x10 @ something (forgot the weight)


Everything moved well/felt good, unfortunately my memory and math were shoddy.
Was so sure last time I pause squatted 160kg for 5x3 , didn’t bother to look at my log.
I should have looked at the log (it was 165kg last time)
Also managed to mess up Swiss bar OHP, was aiming to knock out sets with 50kg, turns out the swiss bar weights in at 29kg.
So it evens out… Kind of


Half a minute pauses again?


I thought about it but it’s really to close to 2xBW to spend that much time in the hole…


Monday workout:

Pause squat: 1 @ 160,170,180kg
Goodmornings: 10 @ 80kg, 8 @ 90kg, 6 @ 100kg, 12 @ 110kg


NG pullups: 10x2 @ BW, 6x2 @ +10kg
Leg extension supersets.

Took it pretty easy today, had a bit of a break down during the week. Shit’s back on track now though.
I did manage to make it to the gym last Monday but didn’t do all that much, more accessory kind of work.
Took the car for another run over the weekend, this time to McIntyres hut.
Was a good drive Snow everywhere looked great till the sun came out and then got to play in some mud.


It’s always good to get away from traffic and other people hey.


Goood work and nice pics of your weekend away.


Tuesday workout:

Fat bar OHP: 2 @ 55,60,65,70kg
1 @ 75kg
Dips: 3x10 @ +10kg


Cable row machine: 3x10

Facepull supersets.

Pressing was solid untill I got to 75kg… then it just wasn’t.
Weight is steady around 83kg right now, did drop down to low 80kgs when I was stressed out.
Volume has been pretty low, will try and hit up some more volume on thursday.


Friday workout:

Pause squat: 1 @ 120,140,150,160,150,140,120kg
Goodmornings: 6 @ 80,90,100,110,120kg

Swiss bar OHP: 10 @ 39,49kg
AMRAP @ 54kg (16)


Facepull, cable curl, leg extension and low to high cable fly super sets.

Didn’t managed to make it Thursday, upper back and abs still have residual DOMs.
Everything moved well, feet cramped up during leg extensions.


Monday workout: weight: 81.9kg
was running late to the gym, so just did some squats to keep the body moving.

Squat: 1 @ 160,170,180kg
Pause squat: 2 @ 120,140,150,160kg
Squat: 2x50 @ 60kg

everything moved pretty well, legs feel a bit jello-ie after 100 reps.
Mid-weak getaway planned, night at Taronga Zoo.
Should be good.


Gross dude.


What Mr. Velvet said.
50 reps WTF are you thinking


I was short on time lol I actually prefer this to a heavier top set of something like 20reps.


I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.

You’re a sick fuck.