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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


Super jealous. Demo work is my favourite and jackhammers are the tits!


I’m just a painter, I’m not cut out for hard work.


@Irishman92 you call this fun?


Oh you are ripping up tiles? Nah fuck that is not fun! You are on your own buddy :joy:


Fine you can help grind off all the old glue seeing as you’ll be in Canberra soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Tuesday workout: weight: 83.9kg

Fat bar OHP: EMOM: 10 minutes. Triples @ 62.5Kg (30 reps)


Goodmornings: 2x10 @ bar (mainly to get a good stretch)
BOR: 10 @ 90,90,100kg

Work ran over time again.
Back and forearms are pretty much stuffed from actually working hard today.
Presses moved better than expected though.
Thursday workout will probably be something lighter with a bit more volume.


Thursday workout:

Pause squats: 5x3 @ 165kg


Incline chest press machine, face pull and lateral raise supersets.

Completely wiped out after a couple of days on the jack hammer but once I got to the gym and started lifting things livened up.
Weights been feeling lighter on my back recently.
I think I’ve added some mass to the legs, quads are looking a bit better.
So Mitsubishi gave me a time to come and collect my Triton (2pm Monday)


Some nice squatting going on here man.


Thanks man,
I only really squat and OHP these days.


Do you ever combine both and squat with bar overhead ?


Lol overhead squats? I’ve never really seen much use for them as Id be limited by what I could hold overhead. (not much)
So keeping them separate would work better for strength.

Plus I’m not flexable enough for that shit lol


Monday workout:

So spent the day grinding off the old tile glue and my lower back is knackered.
Squats: EMOM: 4 minutes. Triples @ 140kg (12 reps)
Tried these with a lose belt but my lower back wasn’t having any of it.

Legpress: EMOM: 11 minutes. 12’s @ (can’t recall the weight used) (132 reps) Legs are full fried.


Cable curls and face pull supersets.

So Mitsubishi called me this morning, some how they haven’t fitted all the accessories.
So fucking useless, they’ve mentioned compensating me but we’ll see.


Wow that is some serious leg press volume, how was the pump ?


Fucking horrible haha I’ll be back on the grinder tomorrow too, so might have to workout something similar for OHP.


Thursday workout:

Fat bar OHP: 3x8 @ 60kg

Goodmornings: 3x10 @ 80kg
Chest press machine 3x10 @ 50(kg?)

Facepull supersets.

Working the extra hours and doing physically harder work than I’m used to has slowed me down some but I think I’m starting to adjust.
OHP moved well, not to much trouble.
Goodmornings were another story Lower back still isn’t 100.

On the car side of things, I’m picking it up after work tomorrow
I ended up speaking to the manager and he said after the salesman said he wasn’t sure when he could get someone to complete fitment and would be able to do anything till thursday.
So fucking useless.


What’re you getting done?


bull bar, tub liner, ladder rack tonneau cover, side steps, extra bash plates and some more aggressive A/T tyres.


So didn’t get down to the gym today, planning to head back tomorrow.
Done with demolition, back to painting and a return to normal lifting lol

Finally took delivery of the Triton :+1:

Took it for a trip a drive in the Brindabellas (went up Mt Coree). Had no trouble getting up there at all.
I’m pretty stoked.


That’s pretty. Shame about the bloke photobombing.


Oi just because you lift big weights and shit.
Ha the brindies is really nice, I’d definitely recommend checking it out