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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


Skyrim? Fallout?

Also, good luck with your medical and interview!


dishonored 2.
I missed the DOOM shirt by a bee’s dick ( still salty about that lol)
and thanks!


Sunday workout: 84.4kg

Squats: EMOM: 11 minutes (was supposed to be 10) Triples @ 140kg (33 reps)


Leg extension, Cable row machine and low to high cable fly supersets.

I accidentally did another set on squats because I can’t read a stopwatch.
Squats moved well and were all done belt-less because ease of use lol

Was a bit of a prick at the gym today.
There was one other guy in the power-lifting room, He was middle of a bench set while his friend was on loud speaker (phone) and he’d turned the radio off.
He finished his set and turned his phone off loud speaker but just sat chatting on the bench…
So I just turned the radio back on.
His mate also rocked up to the gym about 15 minutes later.
I don’t normally have an issue with phones in the gym but if you need to make a phone call at least go somewhere people aren’t expecting to lift.


Well mate you weren’t the prick here.
I would have turned the radio right on and told him to go somewhere else.

That is great news man. Good luck with the medical :slight_smile:


Some strong squatting here mate, great stuff.
How’s the new fourbie going? Are there any good tracks around Canberra? Nothing close here in Adelaide, need to travel at least a few hours


What and no offer of dinner ? Or at least a thick shake if you couldnt chew !! :wink:


Thanks @mortdk I didn’t even get to the medical, the gave me the rate of pay early and it was way too low. Like $10,000 a year lower.
No pont moving up if your pay goes backwards lol


Ha I haven’t got it yet, weekly they keep telling me an accessory has been delayed (I think the first guy forgot that it had accessories to be fitted).
It should be ready next Tuesday but I’m not at all inclined to believe them at this point.


As long as its strawberry flavored mate


Sounds good. Maybe next time you’re down here.


Tuesday workout:

Fat bar OHP: EMOM: 11 minutes. Triples @ 60kg (33 reps)
NG pullups: EMOM 11 minutes. Triples @ +10kg (33 reps)


Goodmornings: 3x12 @ 80kg

Facepull and curl machine supersets.

Pressing moved really well tonight, 60kg felt fairly light.
Could have also been the addition of a fat bar.


Thursday workout:

Pause sqaut: 5x3 @ 150kg
Dips: 2x20 @ +10kg

Leg extension, cable machine row, bicep curl and later raise supersets.

Everything moved well, now of to watch the rest of the socceroos match :soccer:


Sunday workout: weight: 83.9kg

Squats: EMOM: 12 minutes. Triples @ 140kg (36 reps)


Leg extension, cable row machine, low to high cable fly and bicep curl supersets.

Late to the gym again, I think I managed to run through the workout in almost 30 minutes.
Felt pretty flat before the gym but everything moved well and after the fact I was feeling pretty good.
Also have recently discovered stretch fit jeans, got to say I’m a fan.


Hmmm…strech fit jeans? Like skinny jeans?


Haha no necessarily, they’re like like normal jeans but give full range of motion so I could squat in them.

Edit: I did try some of the skinnier ones but it looked like I was wearing jeggings


Wednesday workout:

Fat bar OHP: EMOM: 12 minutes. Triples @ 60kg (36 reps)
NG Pullups: EMOM: 12 minutes. Triplea @ +10kg (36 reps)


Fat bar Goodmornings: 3x12 @ 80kg.

Facepulls superset.

Everything moved well, presses felt easier than last time.
So my car accessories arrived (finally, took way longer than anticipated)
Apparently I should be able to pick it up next Friday (don’t have that much faith though)
I also need to dial back my enthusiasm for off road equipment (its becoming a problem).


I’m getting that way with tools. I’m almost looking for stuff to do at home so I have an excuse to get more.


Surely everyone needs a good set of tools though lol might have to stop at the tool shop on the way home


Thursday workout:

Pause squats: 5x3 @ 160kg


Ab wheel roll outs: 2x10
Leg extension,mid back machine row, cable curl, Incline chest press machine and later raise supersets.

Fueled up on Maccas after work/for dinner today, haven’t had it in so long. it was so bad that it was actually good? Triple cheese burger, chicken snack wrap, small fries, large coffee and an apple pie.
Squats were great, barley even felt the weight on my back.


Monday workout:
Diets been pretty bad recently, got busy working on the outside of the house over the weekend and kind of forgot to eat.

Squats: EMOM: 10 minutes. Triples @ 145kg (30 reps)


Leg extension superset.

Work ran late today, then I stopped by hip pocket work wear and spent all my money (got a free FXD beanie though).
On the jackhammer/doing a bit of demo the rest of this week, so will adjust workout based on how I’m feeling.