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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!


I don’t believe you!


You got me! I don’t mind thinking, but occasionally a break is nice.

I meant the SSB is more of a grunt movement than a technical one. You just find whatever way is comfortable and do that. Straight bar requires you to so a bunch of stuff.


I don’t like thinking either lol
But yeah it’s nice not have to have to worry as much about bar position and upper back tightness.


Thursday workout:

Pause squat: 1 @ 140,150,160,170kg
Goodmornings: 3x10 @ 80kg
Dips: 5x10 @ +10kg

Facepulls,cable curls, tricep pushdowns and leg extensions supersets.

Incline treadmill

Oddly my lats, lower back, lower abs and front delts still had DOMs.
Everything moved well, this session was kind of cruisy.
didn’t eat so much pre workout today, still recovering from the damage done at the buffet yesterday.
Accessory work was on the high side and rest times were kept short.


Monday workout:

Squat: 2 @ 175kg ( wanted 3, first rep was solid and smooth, half way up on the second rep I lost position fucking savage about it)
10 @ 140kg
Pause squat: 30 seconds @ 120kg

Pause deadlift: 2 @ 140,160,180kg.
1 @ 200kg
Edit: RDL: 3x10 @ 120kg (30seconds rest)(can’t believe I forgot to add these)

low to high cable flys, cable curls and lateral raise superset.

Still salty about the missed rep, if I hadn’t of lost position i would have had 3 solid reps.
Need to reconsider introducing creatine back into my diet and take a leaf out of @Irishman92 and @MarkKO’s book, bulk up and make some serious gains.


I can’t recommend it enough! I just finished a big feed of oven baked chicken, eggs and veges. Can barely move but I am so satisfied :smile:


How many calories you doing these days Irish


Love this, sounds like my weekend. Lol


Somewhere between a fair amount and a large amount… Haha I could definitely get more in but I’m gaining about a kg every 3 weeks. That will slow down now I’ve caught up to my previous strength and mass levels though. I don’t mind gaining some pudge either as it comes off me fairly easy.

I’ve counted calories once and that was enough for me. It was handy so that I have a rough idea but unless weight starts to stall or I put on heaps with no strength gains, I don’t need to count my calories IMO.


Sunday-tursday is $25 for all you can eat, got to make the most of it lol


Thursday Workout:

OHP: 5,6,7reps @ 60kg
AMRAP @ 40kg (20)

Pause squat: 1 @ 140,159,160kg
Goodmornings: 3x10 @ 90kg

Mid-back row machine and face pull super-sets

Didn’t get down to the gym Tuesday, had some kind of migraine or something.
Will go back tomorrow for an easy accessory session.
Things moved alright today despite not feeling to great during the day (probably sniffing to much paint)


Friday workout: Accessories
NG pullups: 5 @ BW,+10kg
5x3 @ +20kg
AMRAP @ BW (15)

Belted squat machine: 10,10,20 @ +40kg
Incline DB bench: 2x15 @ 65lbs DB’s (roughly 30kg I think)

Ab wheel rollouts and face pulls.

Spent the day sheeting up villaboard
but today’s workout actually felt better than the last.


Sunday workout:
Squats: 2x12 @ 140kg
Pause squat: 5 @ 150kg

pushups: 2x30 @ BW

Cable curls, face pulls and lateral raises supersets.

Really didn’t feel like hitting it today, got to the gym pretty late but everything moved exceptionally well.


Physique update:
Weight: 82.5kg

After workout selfies because i’m not a weird looking dude hanging out in the gym change room.


Tuesday workout:
Log press: 3x6 @ log+20kg
OHP: 2x10 @ 45kg
AMRAP @ 45kg (18)

Goodmornings: 3x10 @ 80kg

Seated cable row and leg extension supersets

Really wasn’t feeling motivated to go, almost fell asleep on the couch.
everything moved pretty well though,.
Was still plagued with DOMS from previous workout, so goodmorrnings were mainly to stretch out hamstrings and glutes


you’re a beast mate


Thanks mate
Now I just need to get bigger… and see my abs… and lift heavier… then I’ll be happy haha




I’m really glad my gym doesn’t have a couch!


There’s a small couch/chair setup right next to the vending machine… Could probably move in