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Can You Lift It? Yes I Can!

So I thought I’d start a training log to help figure out if i’m actually making progress (never kept a log before)
I train at a small gym and there’s not really any serious lifters around (no one to talk to about how stupid i look when lifting :open_mouth: lol)

basic stats
height: 177cm
weight: 88kg

current maxes:
squat: 200kg (tested about 2 months ago)
deadlift:240kg (tested about 5 months ago)
bench: 110kg (tested almost a year ago)
OHP: 85kg (tested about 1 month ago)

squat: 225kg
deadlift: 275kg
OHP: 90kg

Also need to find something to do with the gains I make lol
I recently saw a strongman show and it looked like great fun, even though everyone was competing against each other they also cheered each other on.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the first workout of the week so I’ll update the log with that tomorrow


So completed the first work out to be in the log :slight_smile:
elbow decided to start playing up about 3 hours before hand so I switch out incline bench for seated smith OHP (oddly enough elbow now feels great :roll_eyes:)

I’m trying out TVT (total volume training or that’s what i’m referring to it as)
Main focus today was squats, i wanted a total of 30 reps @ 155kg (sets not so improtant)
it went 10-6-6-4-4

I then hit accessory work for my other lifts
seated OHP in the smith 3x8 @ 70kg
Good mornings 2x12 @ 80kg
weighted pull ups 4x5 @ 10kg
Threw in some facepulls at the end for shoulder health.

Oh some other facts that I should probably note
I’m a type one diabetic (effects my diet more than training really)
I’m 27 almost 28 and I work in construction.
Fun fact: my gym is located in a place called Iron knob square (:wink: I’m immature i know)

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Your post reads like you can more than lift. You’re a human crane.

Workout number two (Tuesday: Press focus)

OHP: 30 reps @ 60kg (8-7-6-5-4)
Pressing was pretty solid, will up the weight next week and see how it goes.

Accessory work:
DB walking lunges 4x15 increasing weight each time (25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg DB’s)
Seated row machine(first time using): 3x10 around 85ish kg

lateral raises (superseted):sets of 10 @ 15kg, 10kg, 8kg
Cable curls (also superseted) sets of 15 @ around 40ish kg moved the pin up each set (3 sets)

Been watching some vids of Cassandra Martin lifting recently before heading to the gym, damn she goes hard.

haha thanks, I think.
I’ve always found picking stuff up to be easier than upper body stuff.
I took a quick look at your log 65+ training? awesome stuff man.

Bonus Workout (Wednesday):conditioning

Been stuck outside working in the cold and current living isn’t much warmer (apartments an ice-block ::cold_sweat:)
Decided to go to the gym and do some conditioning to get warm lol
Start with a brisk walk on the treadmill at max incline for 5 minutes
moved on to kettle-bell swings 3 sets @ 20kg (20 reps, 25 reps and 30 reps)
pushed and dragged the sled to the gym door and back x5 (100kg on sled, not sure of distance)
pushing was ok, dragging warmed my quads up pretty quickly)
finished with 5 minutes on a stationary bike at a random setting but something that made me sweat.

Should be warm for the next few hours :triumph: lol

Workout: more squats :astonished:

Was feeling a bit beat up from work today, so decided to lower volume and take it a little bit easier (DOMS from lunges were still hanging around)

Pause squats triples @ 140kg,150kg,160kg,170kg and 180kg (mini pr)

accessory work:
Chest press machine (kind of mimics dumbbell pressing, single arm loading) 2x10 @ 40kgs, 50kg 1x6 @ 60kgs
Romanian DLs: 3x6 @ 140kg, 150kg and 160kg
cable curls and face-pulls (super-seted between the two)

I think theres some 8 or 12 week challenge going on, all the PTs are at the gym leading a big group of people through some odd workouts. Of course they decided the best place to do it would be in front of the water fountain :roll_eyes:

Sunday workout
was running short on time, Blood sugar level was a bit low, had to bring that up a bit beforegetting under the bar and had an early dinner to attend.

Squats: 30 reps @ 160kg (8-6-5-4-4-3) :tired_face:

Pulls up 3x8 @ BW

DB lateral raises 3x12 @ 12.5kg DB’s
Tricep push downs superseted 1x20, 2x10 (cant remember weight used)

Tuesday workout: Push focus
Was short on time again.
Been pretty stressed out this week, Purchasing my first home and being under the pump at work.
Workouts have been pretty rubbish.

OHP: 30 reps @ 62.5kg (6-5-5-5-5-4)
Elbow felt average, but held up for the workout.

Underhanded Bent over rows: 1x15 @ 60kg, 1x12 @ 80kg, 1x10 @ 100kg
Decided to pack it in there and just did some conditioning work

Flipped a tire back and forth (around 80kg) and did 3x20 Kettle bell swings (20kg)

Need to make an effort to get to the gym earlier next time.

Thursday workout

Actually got to the gym on time today lol

Squats: 1x4 (topset) @ 180kg (was probably good for another rep but didn’t want to push it)

Good mornings: 2x14 @ 80kg
seated OHP in the smith 1x15 @ 60kg 1x12 @ 70kg 1x4 @ 80kg (tennis elbow band came undone, so stopped short was aiming for 8)

pulls ups (switching between wide grip and neutral grip) 1x8 BW (WG) 1x6 @ 5kg (WG) 1x6 @ 10kg (NG) 1x8 BW (NG)
facepulls for shoulder health.

Left knee was feeling a bit unstable, took a bit extra to warm it up.
Elbow seems to feel great after my workout but keeps getting aggravated at work. seems best when warm. going to try wearing a lose elbow sleeve at work.

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Sunday workout:

Squats: 30 reps @ 165kg (6-6-5-5-4-4)
Squats were weird, bar speed was good, no grinding reps. However felt mentally overwhelmed by the weight, like I was unsure if I could lift it and it was out to crush me with a vengeance :confused:

Dips 4x10 @ BW, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg
Underhanded Bent over rows: 1x15 @ 70kg, 1x12 @ 80kg, 1x15 @ 100kg

superseted lateral raises 3x12

overall workout felt good, accessory work all felt solid.

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But you did, 30 times actually.

Well yea, I mean if it wasnt why would we lift it?



No way i wasn’t going to lift it. just because I was feeling like a bit of wet noodle under the bar. :triumph:

I swear I only started lifting things so I’d have an easier time getting my toolbox in and out of my truck… I just forgot to stop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tuesday workout: Press focus
OHP: 30 reps @ 65kg (5-5-4-3-4-3-3-3)

Dumbbell Lunges 1x25 @ 25kg, 1x15 @ 35kg, 1x10 @ 45kg

super-set face-pulls and ezy bar curls.

Getting really irritated by inspirational fitness quotes today (they’ve stuck them up around the gym everywhere)
“Pain is just weakness leaving the body”… no i’m pretty sure that an injury.
Its just people in a room exercising, nothing profound is going on in a room full of people in spandex pants and shorts.


Thursday workout: No idea what the focus was
Tempo squats aka the slowest squats in the world (5 seconds down pause 5 up): 3x5 @ 100kg
2x5 @ 120kg

Attempted to learn to push press, sucked arse.
worked up to a single at 60kg then gave up (technique was terrible, push was ok but couldnt get my wrists in a good position)

Pause bench: Haven’t benched in a long arse time worked in triples @ 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg and a single @ 110kg (paused my previous 1RM :slight_smile:)
Pull ups: 10 @ BW, 8 @ 10kg, 5 @ 15kg

Curls, push downs and lateral raises Triset.
Face pulls

Everything felt pretty good today (except sucking at push press lol)

Missed Sunday workout.
Got busy organising things for the move and Parents have come up for the week.
Decided to get a midday workout in on Monday (also a public holiday in Canberra :smile: )

Monday workout:
Squats 5x5 @ 140kg, 150kg, 160kg, 170kg, 180kg

Pull ups 5x5 @ BW, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg

Back raises 2x20 (hold at top)

Got laughed at today while doing back raises by some young kid,
reminded me just how awesome I look to the causal crowd what with my dead lift shirt and knee sleeves (currently around my shins)


Well at least your not like me and push pressed the weight into your own chin. Lol but then i went and hit 70kg×1 so Allgood

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Ha that was a real concern at the beginning. Congrats on the PR, looks like I’ll have to improve my game lol don’t want to be out done :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nooo you outdo me on every other lift lol

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Tuesday workout:
Took my father to the gym, was good to have someone to kick the shit with between sets but workout felt pretty awful.

Backed off on some of the accessory work

4x5 @ 57.5kg, 60kg, 62.5kg, 65kg
2x1 @ 70kg, 80 kg

RDLS: 15 @ 120kg, 12 @ 130kg, 10 @ 140kg

curls, lateral raises, tricep pushdown and facepull in a giant set.

Felt like rubbish afterwards.