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Can you Inject Cytomel? T3


What would happen if you inject t3 subq? would it be more pronounced? Evidently some hollywood models are doing it. They might be doing it because they are ill informed, but maybe it works better. Thoughts?
also I just ordered some GW, out of curiosity does it have to be sub q? I'm reading that it can be ingested orally.


What is the problem with oral administration of T3 that could potentially be solved by this method?


No problem Bill, just wondering if it would be more effective percentage wise. It hits your bloodstream faster, and I assume doesn’t go through as much of the digestive system.
I just read it somewhere and thought what the hell, why don’t they just take it orally?
Figured I’d ask someone with way more experience.


I don’t know whether the percentage would be higher or not; in other words, I don’t know if the oral bioavailability is 100% or nearly so.

But, what would it matter if instead of getting a given effect from so many mcg (say 50 mcg) of T3 orally, one could instead inject 40 mcg or 30 mcg? Cost savings?

Probably not after paying for vials, submicron filters, and syringes.

Certainly not IM or sub-Q injection: that would generate an enormous local overdose.

So IV then; but that would require an aqueous solution, in which T3 has very poor long term stability.

Not worth it for the sake of being able to inject a few less mcg to get the same result (you can always get as much effect as you want, or more, with oral.)