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Can You Increase Your Natural Testosterone?

Hi, Guys wanted to ask, can you increase natural testosterone production which rivals the dosage of 250 mg of exogenous testosterone in your system. Looking for some answers

Not a chance - I recall using some natural so-called “T boosters” (you know the ones containing zinc, fenugreek, boron etc… and that Fool’s Gold, Tribbulus) pre-TRT and when tested, my levels were still the equivalent of around 195ng/dl even at 34 years old at the time.

Increasing natural testosterone appears to be quite a holistic process, involving diet, exercise, genetics and of course other factors. Given the hormonal assault modern men are subject to (and the fact our T levels are so much lower than our forefathers of equivalent age), I elected to start TRT so I could push back that tide.


No, not without crushing you’re oestrogen into oblivion (exemestane use can put TT over 2000ng/dl in studies for use in idiopathic short stature)

Perhaps with SERM’s one could push well over 1000, but use would have to be continual and data is lacking regarding long term safety/tolerability for men

With an extremely optimal lifestyle, supplementation etc supposedly some CAN push 12-1500… if they had high T to begin with (700-1000)

Not a chance

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How high were this person’s natural levels? If they were natually very high, there could be some tweaks that may get you there. If he had total T of 300 ng/dL you can absolutely forget it.

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Chance is 0.000001 percent

I have seen on rare occasions men go from the low normal ranges to the high normal ranges naturally, but it is uncommon. Your chances decrease as you age, by how low your levels are and most importantly how good your genes are.



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