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Can You Hit a Nerve?

Hey guys.
I take hcg injections twice a week in my upper quad. About 6 months ago I noticed my inner thigh was numb, not completely numb but just more than it should. I also noticed clothing touching it would sometimes bother me, feeling like I was getting pricked. I am not sure how it happened or when really.

Fast forward to today and I still have the issue. I was reading that it mite be nerve damage. Now I am worried I mite have hit a nerve with one of my injections?

Is this possible?

Are u taking vitamin B6? It is known to cause this in high doses, more on fingers, toes but we never know

I’ve noticed this. There’s a dead spot on my outer-glute from pinning way back in the day. Feels weird to touch it, not tingly but just … dead. I always figured I hit a nerve or something somehow

Sure it’s possible. It usually hurts and you’ll know it. Rotate injection sites. I stopped injecting into my quad last year. Now it’s all sub-q in belly and glute.

I hit a nerve from time to time, but I have developed a technique to prevent hitting nerves. If I touch the needle to the skin and there is a strong sensation, I look for a different location until I can touch the skin with the needle and feel hardly anything.

It works every time I use this technique.


Yeah another good idea. Also to the OP, make sure you’re using the most shallow and thinnest needle you can find, especially if we’re not talking oil based compounds. No need to go any longer than 5/8" in length or thicker than 29 gauge.

I’m not sure why this works, but I do this too. If there is a lot of pain on the first 1/16” then I find a different spot. I also look for a spot away from veins if I can see them. I’ve been doing this in my thighs with 25g 1” needles and am a happy camper. I can go all the way in with the needle and inject 3mL pain free if I wanted

I do it too. Seems to work really well in helping find a spot with no feeling