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Can You Help with My High Bar Squat Form?

Squat is by far my weakest lift. Please tell me what can improve on my squat form.

It looks fine to me. Only thing I’d recommend is widening your grip - I only recommend this because when I get to heavy weights, it helps with stability.

Heh! I should put movies of my squats that I’ve done in that same exact rack. I’ve even set my phone on that same window seal. That must be early Sunday morning at GB3 because it looks damn empty.

Thank you Mr. Jacuu. Big Jeff that was yesterday around 1-2pm at Herndon/fowler lol.

Form looked fine but i couldn’t stop looking at that wicked mallet in the back ground lol

I don’t think there’s anything that is preventing you squatting bigger numbers other than you need to spend time under the bar and build up strength.

You may want to work on your ankle mobility to make yourself a bit more stable in the hole and make getting to depth a bit easier but I dont believe that is going to add a plate to your squat or anything.

Thank you tsantos it sucks that I can overhead press more than I squat lol

Don’t worry too much. It will sort itself out in 6-12 months. You may also want to try flat wrists instead of cocked as it may be more comfortable with more weight. Remember to practice your bracing.

Well on top of what the advice that has already been given, I gotta ask why are you high bar squatting?

Is it for additional quad development or to move more weight?

Frankly, you look damn uncomfortable in that position. Personally (keep in mind that I’m just a kid moving some light ass weight), I would start by following tsantos’ advice with the wrists. I would also suggest that you try squatting without the belt. It’s a pretty light weight and frankly a belt isn’t needed. I’ve found (powerlifting) belts to get in the way and screw up my high bar squats, causing them to look more good morning-ish.

Personally, I squat high bar for the sake of squatting high bar, it helps prevent my ankles and hip flexors from getting overly tight, so it really depends on the purpose of the high bar squat to you. I hope I don’t sound like I’m full of shit and I get my point across.