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Can You Help Me Reduce Estradiol?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been on TRT for about three months now, with generally overall success, though I’m convinced theres a fair bit of protocol tweaking to do.

My Protocol: 0.5ml Sustanon (E3.5D) / 220ml HCG (E3.5D) / 0.25mg Anastrazole (E3.5D)
I take the HCG and Anastrazole 24 hours after the Sustanon Shot.

My latest blood work results aren’t exactly optimum

  • Oestradiol - 187 (Range 41-159)
  • Testosterone - 37.2 (Range 8.64 - 29)
  • SHBG - 33 (Range 18.3 - 54.1)
  • Free Androgen Index - 111.4 (Range 24-104)
  • Free Test (Calculated) 1.040 (Range 0.2 - 0.62)
  • Prolactin - 251 (Range 86 - 324)

The level of knowledge on this forum is clearly huge.
Could anyone help me interpret these results and suggest any protocol changes to improve the numbers?

I’m keen to keep my Testosterone on the higher end of normal (which I’m told it is) but at the same time, keep my other numbers - particularly Oestradiol, in check.

Thanks - really appreciate any input!


Conversion for US:

Test: 1073 ng/dl
E2: 50.9

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Why? Why do you think there is tweaking that needs to be done? I dont see any complaints in your post? Is there an issue? Do you feel bad? Have symptoms? Your e2 is just over range but so is your free t and total t. The obvious thing to do is lower your testosterone dose and your e2 will down regulate. Watch your bloodwork, eat right, train hard.

Dont forget to get rid of the anastazole! That shit will fuck you up.

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Thanks for this - I’ve heard / read this before.
Will that not make my Oestradiol shoot up even more though?

Thanks for this…

In terms of symptoms that make me think there are some tweaks to be made:

  1. Infrequent / no morning wood
  2. Mediocre Libido
  3. Itchy scalp (not sure if this is related)
  4. Weak urination stream (which I read might be indicative of High E)

In terms of my question, I’m keen to understand what I can do to have optimal blood work / numbers. (Just getting to grips with learning how to read the bloodwork numbers!)


Are you in the USA?

Maybe for a time being but it will level out given enough time.

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The way I see it is your levels are excessively high which can cause estrogen issues, you’re on HCG which also increases estrogen and you’re countering excessive estrogen levels with an AI.

Come back down to high normal and drop the HCG and AI.

Hey man, no I’m in UK (Where all things TRT suck balls big time!)

Interesting… What numbers are ‘High Normal’?

For full transparency, I’m keen to be on the higher end to also get some good benefits at the gym. I mean, if i’m on prescribed TRT, I figure why not?

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Normal High on labs. So top of lab range …

The difference between top of the range and say 1500 is imperceivable, you want a big difference you need to be pushing into several thousands.

Systemlord, are you sure about this? Look how you respond to minor fluctuations in test levels, so much so that you’ve even gone to daily injections to keep levels “steady”.

Anyway, I know guys that feel very little improvement going from 400 to 900, but taking them to 1400 makes all the difference for them. High SHBG often behind this, they need to run total test pretty high to get around that.

I feel and see a dramatic difference going from 400-500 (FT 15-21 pg/mL), night and day, but testosterone in excess can cause problems unless we are talking about an older guy who has resistance at the cellular level, this guy would feel better at 1500+.

The OP hasn’t tried high normal ranges yet, if he was feeling amazing he would be dialed in, but for the fact that he’s seeking tweaking suggests things are not all rosy. It would be nice to hear how his libido and erections are doing, these two pieces if strong would be a good indicator of a successful protocol.

Adding drugs to deal with excess I believe isn’t the best route to take, my opinion of drugs is they should only be used to increase the quality of life when nothing else will.

i want to increase my estrogen :frowning:

I’m not saying anything about him, just regarding your comment that 1000 to 1500 is imperceivable. Going from 1000 to 1500 can make a big difference in some guys. He reported “generally overall success” however.

Agreed, if anything, I gathered he was concerned with high E2, and I’m suggesting he may want to let it go, not increase anastrozole, which is why I posted the link to Neal Rouzier’s presentation.