Can You Help Me Plan My PCT and Next Cycle?

Running my first cycle right now of just Testosterone Enanthate. 250mg twice per week for 10 weeks. Just had my third injection and now I’m taking .5mg of Adex with each injection. I have nolva on hand right now. Thinking I’m going to get some clomid soon to have ready for PCT. Right now I’m putting on as much mass as I possibly can. My bodyfat at the end of this cycle will probably be around 15-17%. Can you help me put together a good PCT. I’m 22 years old almost 23 if that makes any difference to the PCT.

Now my next cycle I wanted to run… Test Prop 250mg twice a week with anavar. Can someone help me put this together? Also how long should I wait till after my first cycles PCT to start my second? I was thinking 10 weeks… ? Also during PCT and that 10 week waiting period… should I start my calorie deficit or should I just maintain and not start a calorie deficit until I get on my next cycle. I don’t want to lose any of my hard earned gains by definiciting during a shutdown.

Thank you.

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There is no need for clomid if you have nolvadex. There are so many posts on the internet that get this wrong.

1.0 mg Adex/Arimidex/anastrozole will not control T–>E2 2ith 500 mg T per week. 1.0mg anastrozole is enough for TRT guys injecting 100mg T per week.

You should not have questions about your cycle or PCT. You should have those issues nailed before you started. Do the reading and don’t fuck up your body.

I did have it planned. I planned it out with a bodybuilder who has been juicing for years. I listened to him. He said .5 mg of adex per injection after first week. Now I’m reading that I need more. He told me nolva will be fine but now people are telling me clomid is needed.

It’s really confusing when I’m getting so many conflicting responses.

There is a lot of folk lore that passes for science.