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Can you help me decipher anything from this bloodwork or is it incomplete?

Hey -

I’ve recently had some bloodwork done and the doctor ran tests on T levels and estrogen etc. From what I can tell the test looks incomplete. I don’t see anything at all that mention free T.

The numbers look OK when compared to the Test Range but they still look a little on the low end in the T department.

T4 - Thyroxine Result - 8.4 (range 4.5-12.0)

TSH - TSH result - 1.4 (range .49-4.67)

Prolactin - result - 16.0 (range 1.6 - 18.8)

Estradiol - result 40 (no range given??)

Total Testosterone-serum - result 555 (range 241-827)

I’ve never done a cycle or used any sort of androgen. Any help making sense of this will be VERY appreciated. Is the bloodwork incomplete to get a complete picture?

Thanks in advance.

Anybody help me understand those numbers?


What exactly do you want to know? Everything falls within the normal range.

Hey Doc T -

I was trying to figure out a few things from this bloodwork…for muscle building reasons.

1.) There was no reference range given for the Estradiol (estrogen) and I was wondering if it looked high to anyone.

2.) The T level does fall within the normal range but it isn’t really that high. I was wondering if “normal” T to my doctor would be low T to those of you here at T-mag who have similar physique goals as me.

The last thing I was looking to find out was whether or not this bloodwork is incomplete w/out a test for free testosterone.

Thanks again Doc.